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11+ Quality Inspections

Delivering an Impeccable Product

Your products will go through a rigorous gauntlet of reviews to ensure it's a high-quality product.

To ensure you receive a quality product, for each inspection we:

  • Verify your project passes all quality tests
  • Use our industry experts to perform the assessment
  • Leverage cutting-edge technology to help us perform these inspections faster and thoroughly

The number of quality inspections will go up depending on which product and options are selected. Basically, the more complex the products and options are, the more inspections must performed. And the more options selected, the more inspections performed.

Note: The number of quality checks is based on four color process printed on our #10 business envelope (50-D-65-10). This number can increase based on which product and options are selected. Because we are an online printer, it isn't common for us to get orders for blank products. However, we do sell them. In this case, the number of inspections performed will decrease.