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Presentation Folders

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Presentation Folder Tips

Folder Size
Presentation folders come in a wide variety of sizes. Be sure to choose a style that matches your particular marketing collateral. Note, for example, the different between letter and legal size paper, and choose a folder of the appropriate size. Smaller documents and objects such as key cards will require their own specially sized folders.

Pocket Size and Quantity
Pockets are available in many different styles, including both horizontal and vertical orientations. Horizontal pockets are more traditional, while vertical pockets give you additional area for a design printed directly on the folder interior. Angled pockets are cut into a slanted shape that suggests motion and sleek elegance. Before choosing a pocket style, you may want to consider which one will best display the most important areas of your documents. You should also consider the number of pockets you want to include. Too few, and you'll end up cramming your materials into a space that can't support them. On the other hand, adding pockets that you won't use might be a waste of valuable design space.

Slit Options
Presentation folders include the option of free brochure slits, CD/DVD slits, or business card slits in up to seven different unique styles. Be sure that the size and placement of your chosen slits support the materials you plan to put inside.

Presentation folders may have aqueous, lamination, or ultraviolet (UV) coating. Aqueous coating is "gloss" by default, to give folders a shiny, reflective appearance. It may also be "matte" to minimize reflectiveness, "satin" for intermediate shine, or "soft-touch" for a texture similar to suede. Lamination coating gives folders extra protection against tearing and staining. Ultraviolet (UV) coating offers little protection, but gives folders an extremely shiny and distinctive look.

Imprint Method
Your printing options include offset PMS printing (which utilized pre-mixed ink), four-color process (which uses CMYK ink to create a veritable spectrum of color during printing), foil stamping (where metallic or non-metallic foil is applied to your folder) or embossing (which alters the shape of the folder itself for a textural effect).