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Folder Design Templates

Want your folder to have an eye-catching design, but not sure where to start? Browse our collection of pre-made presentation folder templates for a variety of industries and fields.

We add new templates weekly, making it easy for you to fill in your own text and images or even use these designs as a springboard for something entirely original. If you have an idea for a folder template you’d like us to add, feel free to tweet your ideas @CompanyFolders.

Our favorite folder design templates:

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Die Cut Folder Templates

Die cut templates act as your design’s canvas when printing; we offer over 100 different styles to choose from.

Download them for inspiration and design experimentation, or use them to construct your artwork when you print with us and take advantage of our lifetime warranty.

Our favorite die cut folder templates:

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Folder Mockup Templates

Give potential clients and employers a more vivid and realistic look at your folder design with these easy-to-use templates. Simply add your design files and a new background of your choice for a mockup that looks just like the finished product.
Our favorite folder mockup templates:

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Folder Design Cheat Sheet

Before submitting your artwork for print, don’t forget to run through this handy step-by-step guide. It’s chock-full of helpful tips and essentials for creating a folder design and making sure it’s print-ready.
Folder Design Cheat Sheet

Binder Design Cheat Sheet

Binders are different from folders in several important ways and require slightly different considerations. Make sure you review this informative guide before submitting your binder artwork for print.

Binder Design Cheat Sheet

Binder Templates

Use these die cut templates to build a print-ready binder design, or if you just want to experiment with binder design ideas. Over 50 templates are available, organized by type.

Our favorite binder templates:


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Paper Texture Pictures

Can’t decide which paper stock to use for your marketing collateral? These high-res photographs give you an intimate look at the visual and tactile qualities of each stock.
Paper Texture Pictures

All Free Templates

Browse our full collection of more than 300 free templates organized by die lines, designs, and mockups. These free downloads are a valuable resource when you need to show clients what their printed design will look like or when you need a solid design to build upon.

Free Print Templates
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