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Custom Binders

Protect important materials inside a custom three-ring binder to keep them fresh and wrinkle-free. The metal binder rings organize large amounts of content, making it easy to browse. With our wide variety of high-quality products, professional options, and print methods, you'll create the perfect presentation binder to reflect your brand's unique, creative identity and impress your clients and colleagues.

60+ Binders By Type

Vinyl Binders

Vinyl Binders (8)

Select our most popular 3-ring binder for its rigid, durable vinyl material and smooth, stylish texture.

Turned Edge Binders

Turned Edge Binders (8)

Create the prestigious look of a hardcover book with this sturdy, handcrafted product.

Leather Like Binders

Leather Like Binders (8)

Combine the luxurious look of leather with the durability of vinyl.


Clear View Binders

Clear View Binders (9)

Place interchangeable inserts into clear plastic pockets on the vinyl cover and spine for a reusable design.

Entrapment Binders

Entrapment Binders (8)

Create an eye-catching design with custom inserts sealed into durable vinyl panels under a shiny plastic overlay.

Poly Binders

Poly Binders (10)

Make a lasting impression with a flexible, virtually indestructible poly binder that resists water, grease, and stains.


Paper Binders

Paper Binders (13)

Save money with this lightweight yet sturdy binder made of thick, pliable paper stock.

Easel Binders

Easel Binders (1)

Set up the perfect presentation with this self-supporting vinyl display stand.


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Printed Binder Designs


Binder Tips

3-Ring Binder Sizes & Capacity

Customization Tips & Ideas

Binders are available in several sizes and shapes. Be sure to create your design using one of our free binder templates.


Concealed Rivets
Concealed Rivets – Products with non-visible rivets tend to complement more elegant, refined binder designs.

Closure Devices
Closure Devices – Velcro, magnets, or tuck tabs keep your 3-ring binder from accidentally opening and add visual interest.

Reinforced Finger Hole
Reinforced Finger Hole – You can easily retrieve binders with this feature from a shelf by inserting your finger and pulling.

Handle – Some portfolio-style binders feature a die cut hole or an extra strip of material in the shape of a mini handle, making the product more convenient to carry.

Pockets – Binders with pockets are useful when you have materials that you can’t punch holes into, or if you simply don’t have a 3-hole puncher on hand. You can also use them when you want to keep certain documents separate from your other pages and more easily removable.
Printing on Inside
Printing on Inside – Printing on the inside of your binder (even a solid color) is a bold choice that really makes the design stand out (note that this is not an option for certain types of binders).

Sheet Lifters
Sheet Lifters – These accessories make the pages in your binder easier to turn and reduce bending when the binder is closed.

Tabbed Inserts/Dividers
Tabbed Inserts/Dividers – Adding these to the rings of your binder allows you to split its contents into several sections.

Sheet Protectors
Sheet Protectors – Keep your documents safe from spills, tears, and other damage. Sheet protectors also allow you to keep documents within the rings of your binder without punching holes in them.

Avoid Cold
Avoid Cold – Vinyl is very volatile and can crack in cold conditions. Store your vinyl binders at 60-70 degrees and don’t open the box until they have reached room temperature.


Binder Accessories

With so much storage space, it only makes sense to personalize your binder with all the latest accessories. Index tabs divide contents into organized, easy-to-read sections. Small promotional materials like business cards, brochures, and sell sheets introduce your brand.