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Clear View Binders

Clear view binders are large folders that feature transparent plastic pockets on the front and back covers, as...  

Clear view binders are large folders that feature transparent plastic pockets on the front and back covers, as well as the spine. These pockets hold removable custom printed inserts, making your binder into a reusable promotional product and creating a clean-cut look that's perfect for any corporate event or educational training.

Custom Printed View Binders

Clear View Binders | Promotional Binders from $3.83

Made of heavy-duty vinyl, the rigid side panels of our clear view binders protect contents by resisting moisture and refusing to bend. Contents are held together by a metal three-ring binding mechanism that come in different sizes depending on your capacity needs.

Clearview binders are often purchased in bulk at inexpensive prices because they deliver the ability to be customized on-demand to meet your promotional needs at a later date. If you’re looking for an economy binder that will save money on your order, full view binders can be a great deal for this reason.

Popular Uses for Clear View Binders include:

  • Training
  • Education
  • Conferences
  • Project Management
  • Instruction Manuals
  • General Office

Presentation View Binder Printing Options

  • Choose from 13 color options in Suedene or French Calf Dull textures.
  • Pockets: Select a binder with pockets made from the same stock and heat sealed to the interior panel(s) of your choice.
  • Accessories: Include custom sell sheets, business cards, or brochures for a complete presentation packet. Organize your binder's contents with index tabs, making each category easy to find and read.

Cost of Clear View Binders

The price of view binder printing is as follows:
Clear View Binder Types:Price per piece*:Minimum Quantity:
1/2 Inch $0.05 50
3/4 Inch $0.05 50
1 Inch $0.05 50
1-1/2 Inch $0.05 50
2 Inch $0.05 50
2-1/2 Inch $0.05 50
Pocketless $0.05 50
Single Pocket $0.05 50
Double Pocket $0.05 50
7x9 (Small) $0.05 50
9x12 (Letter Size) REQUEST QUOTE 50
Round-Ring $0.05 50
View Finder REQUEST QUOTE 50

*Based on maximum quantity. Prices may change.

Customization Tips & Ideas

  • Opt for a clear view pocket only on the front cover, letting the shiny plastic overlay complement the vinyl back cover's matte look and feel.
  • Note that clear view binders without inserts are pre-stocked and will be made of white vinyl stock.
  • Create a custom design featuring colorful graphics, photos, or other imagery to make the most of the four color process printed inserts.
  • Choose a binder with pockets to increase carrying capacity and store extra content—even when there isn't a hole punch handy.
  • Store your binder at room temperature to prevent exposure to extreme temperature changes or other potentially damaging elements.

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