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Case Study: Design Experts Work with Travel Agency to Create Document Holders

Company Overview: Fitzgerald Travel is a custom travel design consulting business with a focus on European cruises and luxury travel. Each of its consultants has more than 20 years of full-service travel experience. Product: 9 7/8" x 6" Wallet-Style Document Folder with one foil stamped area and one embossed area on uncoated 100lb Dark Blue Linen stock. H1 business card slits on the pocket. Square Corners Two Pocket Presentation Folder with one foil stamped area on uncoated 100lb Dark Blue … [Read more...]

Presentation Folders 101: Guide to Custom Folder Printing

At first glance, presentation folders seem simple -- a custom designed marketing tool used to store important documents. However, they become more complex when you start to take into consideration all the many different types of folders, stocks, inks, accessories and overall design options there are to choose from. Fortunately, we've come up with a handy roadmap to help make you a more informed consumer of presentation folders. An Introduction to Presentation Folders Folder Sizes: Guide … [Read more...]

Binders 101: Guide to Custom Binder Printing

For many business professionals, a binder is simply a piece of office equipment used to stay organized--but there's more to these useful tools than what's on the surface. Not only does a custom binder keep important documents safe and secure, they can also help to promote your business, build up your brand identity and attract new customers. Find out all the best ways to design and utilize binders by reading these hand-selected articles from our collection of resources. Binder … [Read more...]

Report Covers 101: Guide to Custom Report Covers

You've worked over a hot keyboard all day and night to make your report the best it can be--now it's time to make it look its best, too. Report covers transform your important documents from a loose collection of papers to an attractive booklet of information. However, there's much more to these presentation tools than simply stapling a piece of cardstock to your report and calling it a day. Fortunately, we've compiled a list of helpful resources that will help you get the most out of your … [Read more...]

Case Study: Advice on Printing Effects Brings Custom Greeting Card to Life

Company Overview: CBS62 Detroit and CW50 Detroit are affiliates of CBS Broadcasting, Inc. In addition to news and sports, other popular programs featured on the channels include Young Sheldon, Family Feud, Riverdale, and Blue Bloods. Product: Custom printed product with four color process and one embossed area printed on side one of 14pt C1S Semi-Gloss stock, coated with Aqueous Soft-Touch and Spot UV. Side two printed with four color process. This is a modification of our custom greeting … [Read more...]

Case Study: Client Helped to Overcome Design, Shipping Hurdles

Company Overview: Vacca Family Law Group is based in New York City. The firm practices in collaborative divorce, mediation, divorce, separation, child support, property division, spousal support, child custody, prenuptial agreements, and postnuptial agreements. Product: Square Corners Two Pocket Presentation Folder with one foil stamped area on uncoated 100lb Dark Blue Linen stock. H2 business card slits on the right pocket. Problem: After changing the name of the law firm, the Vacca … [Read more...]

Case Study: Smooth Process Helps Customer Restock Folder Supply

Company Overview: Based in St. Clair Shores, Mich., Colonial Title Company was incorporated in 1993. It is a full-service title agency and member of the American Land Title Association and Michigan Land Title Association. Product: Legal Size Top Tab File Jacket printed with 1 PMS color on uncoated 150lb White Tag stock. Story: Director Dorothy DeBates used about 15,000 document sleeves last year at Colonial Title Company. She uses the folders to store important research documents such … [Read more...]

Case Study: Customer Gets Presentation Folders Printed Fast

Company Overview: Legit Meter, LLC provides real-time meter reading for utility companies such as natural gas and electric. The Fort Wayne, Indiana company opened in April 2017. Product: 4-Color Process Letter Size Two Pocket Folder printed on 12pt C1S White Semi-Gloss stock. H1 business card slits on the right pocket. Problem: Lynn Rich, owner of Legit Meter, LLC, needed folders to hold the company's sell sheet flyers and brochures in less than a week. Story: When Lynn Rich needed … [Read more...]

Case Study: Customer Finds High-Quality Folder to Match Luxury Brand

Company Overview Swiss Crown USA repairs, refurbishes and gives new life to previously-owned Rolex watches using high-quality standards. They are based out of Chicago and are dedicated to providing a positive customer experience. Product Metallic Gold Foil Stamped Letter Size Two Pocket Folder printed on 80lb Forest Green Felt with H1 business card slits on the right pocket. Goal Swiss Crown USA needed a high-quality presentation folder for the company's mailer marketing … [Read more...]

Case Study: Customer Guided Through Options to Create Successful Design

Company Overview Established in 1950, Parr Insurance Agency, Inc. is a full-service independent insurance agency servicing Crestline, Ohio. Product Original 2 Pocket Presentation Folder printed with four-color process on 14pt C1S White Semi-Gloss stock, coated with Aqueous Satin. H1 business card slits on right pocket. Goal Kimberly Sterry of Parr Insurance Agency, Inc. needed folders to hold promotional material for presentations and meetings with potential customers. Story Parr … [Read more...]

14 Beautiful Business Card Slots for Presentation Folders

When you have a cool-looking business card design and an equally cool two-pocket presentation folder to put it in, the last thing you want to do is just stick it loose inside one of the pockets. Instead, stick that sucker right on the presentation folder itself like a badge of honor using folder slits. It's the perfect finishing touch to make your paper folder both functional and fashionable. Folders with business card slots When you order from Company Folders, business card slots are … [Read more...]

Case Study: Quick, Easy Process Keeps Customers Coming Back

Company Overview Established in 1993, The National Institute for Health Care Management Foundation is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to improving Americans' health by developing creative solutions to health care issues. Product Original 2 Pocket Presentation Folder, printed with four-color process on side 1 of 120lb C2S White Gloss stock, coated with Aqueous Gloss. H2 business card slits on the right pocket. Goal Kirsten Wade, Administrative Assistant at the National … [Read more...]

Case Study: Multiple Representatives Make Customer Service Seamless

Company Overview FREEVIPQUOTE Insurance has provided comprehensive insurance (including specialty and hard-to-place insurance) in Illinois and Wisconsin since 2009. Product 4-Color Process Letter Size Two Pocket Folder, side 1 printed with four-color process on 14pt C1S White Semi-Gloss stock, coated with Aqueous Gloss and H4 business card slits on the left pocket. Goal Oscar G. Castillo, Independent Insurance Advisor at FREEVIPQUOTE Insurance, needed custom-printed presentation folders … [Read more...]

Case Study: Customer Finds Stock Color Matching Their Brand Only at Company Folders

Company Overview Founded in 1865, Lehigh University is a private residential research university in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania consisting of four colleges. More than 5,000 undergraduate students and nearly 2,000 graduate students attend the school. Product Foil Stamped Letter Size Two Pocket Folder with 1 foil stamped area on uncoated 100lb mahogany smooth linen stock and H1 business card slits on the right pocket. Goal Emily Groff, Director of Communications and Marketing at Lehigh … [Read more...]

The 26 Best Envelopes (and Where to Buy Them)

The way something is packaged has a major effect on the person receiving it. You'd never give someone a loose birthday card without putting it in a nice-looking envelope, particularly if you expect it to be mailed. It's especially popular for businesses to print envelopes with a custom design when they want to put forth a professional image. Envelopes do much more than ensure your mail reaches its destination—they let people know that you care about the presentation of your message. Whether … [Read more...]

Case Study: Customer’s Vision Brought to Life with Extra Help

Company Overview ROWDYDOW bbQ was founded in 2007. It provides barbecue pulled pork and brisket to restaurants, chefs and other distributors. It is also a major provider of barbecue to the U.S. military. Product Small & Vertical Pocket Presentation Folder with four-color process printing on both sides of 12pt C2S white semi-gloss stock, coated with aqueous matte and H4 business card slits on the left pocket. Problem Product artwork was not print-ready because the resolution was … [Read more...]

Case Study: Prompt, Easy Service Wows Customer

Company Overview Established in 1919, UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School is home to more than 2,700 students in its undergraduate business, MBA, EMBA, MAC and PhD programs and 5,500 executives in non-degree programs. It has 121 full-time faculty from 20 countries in seven academic departments. Product Center Pocket Gatefold Presentation Folder with 1 PMS color using light coverage, printed on Side 1 of 16pt C2S white semi-gloss stock, coated with aqueous gloss Goal Kelsey Furr, … [Read more...]

102 Incredibly Cool Binder Design Ideas

When you were a child in school, did you ever own a binder decorated with cute stickers, doodles or the name of your secret crush? That same desire to personalize our materials has followed us into adulthood, but in a more sophisticated way. Professional custom binder designs allow companies and organizations to creatively reinforce their brand identity, present their concepts and showcase their products. If you're looking for binder design ideas (and want something more impressive than your … [Read more...]

Case Study: Going the Extra Mile to Solve Problems

Company Overview Premium Seats USA is a licensed ticket and hospitality agency that features an online ticket exchange for a wide range of events, including sports, concerts and theater. Travel, VIP and fan experience packages are also available. Product 4" x 9 1/4" four-pocket small presentation folders featuring a four-color process design on 12pt. semi-gloss C1S stock. Problem Damage occurred during shipping crushed the corners of the boxes, which bent the corners of the … [Read more...]

24 Coolest Famous Movie Posters of All Time

We recently rounded up some of the worst movie posters of all time to show you what not to do when you tackle a design project. With many designers already questioning whether the future of movie posters is in jeopardy, our blog seemed like further proof that this art form is on its last legs. But movie posters are just like any other print design. Where some do less than impress, others shine brightly like a homing beacon, calling designers to a higher standard. These are the kind of … [Read more...]

33 Easy Ways to Motivate Your Creative Employees

We hate to break it to you, but 70% of your employees are disengaged—probably right this very minute. And did we mention they're wasting your money? Unmotivated employees cost American companies $350 billion in lost revenue every year. To save yourself money—and a lot of headaches—you have to know how to motivate your employees. But that's a tricky thing to do when you're dealing with creative workers, because you can't force creativity out of someone. That's why we're here to teach you the … [Read more...]

How to Design the Perfect Business Logo (Infographic)

A logo is more than just a pretty image for customers to look at while they use a product or service. It's the face of an entire brand, a symbol that determines how people feel about that particular company. For example, if a restaurant's logo is cold and unappetizing, potential customers are going to associate that image with their food. So what sort of ingredients do you need to cook up a tasty, irresistible logo? This infographic will provide you with tips and ideas related to each of the … [Read more...]

11 Employee Perks to Attract Top Creative Talent

Free cafeterias. Unlimited vacation. Extended parental leave. We all fantasize about such amazing workplace benefits, but most of us haven't experienced them yet. That fantasy is coming to life more and more. Recently, we've seen employers stepping up their incentives game to attract and keep top talent. Already companies like Google and Facebook are famous for innovative employee perks and workspaces that look more like playgrounds than massive tech companies. Top brands offer … [Read more...]

22+ Graphic Design Interview Tips: Common Questions & Best Answers

On the surface, a graphic design job interview should be easy. After all, you're talking about the subject you know the most about—yourself. But when anxiety, pressure and nerves get in the way, you might give answers that don't exactly paint a lovely picture of you as an employee. While there's no miracle cure for being nervous, it helps to make sure you're prepared for any question the interviewer throws at you. We've compiled a list of some of the most common questions that graphic … [Read more...]

12 Tips to Design the Perfect Business Card

Of the 27,397,260 business cards printed every day, 88% will be thrown out in less than a week. But that doesn't happen because business cards are ineffective as a marketing medium. In fact, it only takes 2,000 business cards to increase a company's sales by nearly 3%. That's a shockingly high return for just one marketing resource. So why do so many cards end up in the garbage? The fact is, a lot of business cards have crummy designs. No one wants to hold on to something that looks and … [Read more...]

How to Print Like a Pro: Understanding Double-Sided Printing

You're ready to select print options for your new marketing supplies. But every time you pick something out, it won't work. The printer says the stock isn't compatible with the imprint method, or you can only coat Side 1 of your design, not Side 2. That would be fine, except that you're trying to order folders—which obviously have more than two sides. The printer isn't much help, either; they're just babbling on in their techy jargon, which sounds like it's just a bunch of made-up words. … [Read more...]

How to Create a Personal Logo That Makes Your Friends Jealous

Creating a personal logo is the easiest task you'll ever undertake as a graphic designer—and the hardest. The good news is, you can be as free and expressive as you like. After all, you are the brand in this scenario, which means you know more about it than any other client that you'll design for. But that means expectations are high, and the pressure is on. As a graphic designer, your logo isn't just the centerpiece of your brand identity; it also doubles as a sort of portfolio piece that … [Read more...]

31 Techniques for Creative Two-Letter Logos

Letters are very strange creatures. They're the building blocks of our entire system of written communication, but when you get right down to it, they're really just pictures. They deliver a direct message to the reader, but they're also visual elements that can vary in color, shape and personality. This makes them especially popular when it comes to the look of a company's logo; just a couple letters can convey a world of meaning. But it also makes them very tricky to work with. Though it … [Read more...]

200+ Cool Personal Logo Designs for Inspiration

When a client's corporate brand and personal name are one and the same, you're not just designing a logo for the company. It represents the individual behind the brand. One wrong move could tarnish your client's name—literally. The best personal logo designs turn an individual's name into a cohesive brand identity (instead of just something their parents picked for them when they were born). To get you inspired, we're sharing some of the best examples of personal logos. You can browse them … [Read more...]

How to Use the Golden Ratio to Create Gorgeous Graphic Designs

Want to be on the same creative level as Leonardo Da Vinci, Salvador Dali and the designers of the Parthenon? They all have one simple concept in common. The Ancient Greeks were one of the first to discover a way to harness the beautiful asymmetry found in plants, animals, insects and other natural structures. They expressed this mathematical phenomenon with the Greek letter phi, but today, we call it the golden ratio—also known as the divine proportion, the golden mean, and the golden … [Read more...]

15 Easy Tips for Cropping Photos Like a Pro

If you think that cropping a photo is just as simple as cutting it down to the size you need for your print layout, then you're missing out on all that the crop tool has to offer. Think of the crop tool as an invisible frame that draws the eye towards the most important aspects of your photo. Making the right cuts in your photo can have a drastic impact on the visuals and can even manipulate the way the audience engages with it emotionally. If cropping has only been an afterthought in your … [Read more...]

Create a Realistic Emboss/Deboss Effect in Photoshop (Tutorial)

The coolest thing about embossing and debossing is that it's completely exclusive to printed paper. You'll never see a truly "embossed" imprint on a web image—but that makes it difficult when you want to show off your embossed print design on a computer screen. In the following tutorial, we'll show you how to use a simple Photoshop technique to create embossed and debossed effects that look so much like the real thing, nobody will be able to tell the difference. We'll be applying the … [Read more...]

How to Slim a Face in Photoshop with Just a Few Easy Steps (Tutorial)

Ever hear the phrase "the camera adds ten pounds?" Any number of things can go wrong during a photo shoot and make the subject look heavier than they actually are. Maybe the lighting was off, the angle was bad, or the subject's posture was unflattering. But there's a simple way to fix those mistakes and bring out your subject's natural beauty. There's nothing we hate more than when designers reinforce unrealistic body expectations by using Photoshop to slim down models until they look nothing … [Read more...]

How to Turn a Photo Into a Beautiful Painting in Photoshop (Tutorial)

The best thing about Photoshop is that it allows you to do things in a few minutes that would normally take hours or days to complete. Case in point: instead of spending half a lifetime painting a picture, you can use Adobe Photoshop to make a photograph look like a hand-painted masterpiece in minutes. Converting a photo into a painting takes more than just using Photoshop's default tools. You need a variety of filters, brushes and design techniques to actually make it look realistic. … [Read more...]

How to Use the Rule of Thirds Effortlessly

If you were one of those students who loved art classes but hated math, it was probably a shock to the system when you found out just how much math you'd end up using as a professional designer. In fact, math skills are absolutely essential for print design—at the very least, you need to know how to measure out your bleed area and understand the physical size of your canvas. But if you're willing to understand more than just the mathematical basics, you can use those numbers and measurements … [Read more...]

13 Tips for Avoiding a Font Kerning Disaster

We all have those things that just make us cringe with agony. Nails on a chalkboard, aluminum foil touching your fillings—or if you’re a print designer, bad kerning mistakes. When letters are improperly spaced, it can ruin the look of your design. The worst kerning is usually the result of not kerning at all, trusting that the typographer and your graphic design software both know what they’re doing. A lot of times you get lucky—but there’s no reason to leave the success of your design up to … [Read more...]

14 Ways to Be the Worst Person on Your Graphic Design Team

When you're working with other graphic designers, it's easy for personalities to clash. When some jerk doesn't put in the work or is unpleasant to work with, it can sour the relationship and poison the project. Today, we're going to teach you how to be that jerk. Sure, collaborating on a graphic design project can open you up to new perspectives, help you learn new skills, expand your networking capabilities and increase your creative output potential—but why grow as a graphic designer … [Read more...]

The 10 Best (and Absolute Worst) Logo Redesigns

When big name brands redesign their logos, the world takes notice because it means that something about our shared culture has changed—it reminds us that the world is changing around us. That can be a scary thing for people, so when popular brands successfully create a great new logo, we sit up and take notice … and when they fail, we notice it even more. We rounded up examples of the worst logo redesign failures and the best “wins” from the last couple years to show you the how to handle a … [Read more...]

500+ Stunningly Cool Photoshop Brush Set Downloads

Adobe Photoshop has completely redefined the word "brush" as we know it. Though the program comes preloaded with an assortment of different brush tools designed to simulate regular art utensils, the Photoshop brushes you download elsewhere don't have to act as "brushes" at all—and they rarely do. Stamps, clipart, textures, illustrations, vectors, photographs—anything can become a Photoshop brush. In fact, the image above was composed almost entirely from Photoshop brushes. This makes … [Read more...]

107 Incredible Postcard Designs to Inspire Your Creativity

There's one little secret every print designer needs to know: with the right design, postcards are arguably the most effective form of print marketing for businesses. People don't throw them away as often as other direct mail, and the most creative postcards live on as collectible artwork. Many of us hang them on the fridge, display them on memory boards or paste them into scrapbooks. When designing custom postcards for your clients, keep this "second life" in mind and strive to create … [Read more...]

69 Enchantingly Elegant Photoshop Brushes

Somewhere along the way, the human race evolved to have an innate fondness for anything in a pretty package. We adorn our gifts with ribbons and paper, we fill our homes with objects that serve no other purpose than looking nice-and of course, we beautify our designs with elegant ornaments. This collection of elegant Adobe Photoshop brushes (most of which are completely free) will give your designs that extra touch of class to help enhance and elevate the message and brand. There's no shame … [Read more...]

The 23 Worst Movie Posters (And the Design Lessons They Teach)

Want to see some of the worst print graphic design you'll ever encounter in your life? Just take a trip to your nearest cinema. Movie studios put so much money into promoting their products that we hold their marketing to a higher standard than practically any other form of print media. As a culture, we cannot abide bad movie posters. But when movie posters fail, they fail hard. Even a huge, multi-million dollar movie can somehow end up with a poster that looks like it was Photoshopped by a … [Read more...]

How to Fire Your Design Clients the Right Way

Letting go of a graphic design client is a lot like breaking up with a boyfriend or girlfriend; it's not exactly pleasant, and it might even be someone you actually like, but sometimes it just has to be done. Breaking off a professional relationship nicely is a delicate operation, and chances are you don't have an HR department to rely on, so this responsibility falls directly on your shoulders. If it's time to say goodbye to your client, you can reduce stress and discomfort by taking steps … [Read more...]

Image File Types Explained: Which Format Should You Use?

You're finally done with your design project, you go to save your file, and suddenly you're bombarded with over a dozen possible image file types to choose from. It can be a bewildering experience if you're not sure what you're doing or the difference between them, but we're here to demystify the process for you by helping you understand the cold, hard truth: There are only a handful of image formats that really matter. Now, before you die of shock and outrage, we'll fully admit—there … [Read more...]

25 Famous Company Logos & Their Hidden Meanings

We see them every day—in our homes, on TV, out in the street. They're the famous logos of the brands we've come to know and love. These logos not only accurately represent the famous brands they're attached to, they've become a part of our shared pop culture. Heck, someone even made a short film with logos and mascots comprising all of the characters, props and scenery. Logos are practically enshrined by our society, and yet they were designed by people just like any other piece of graphic … [Read more...]