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Paper Stocks

The Feel of the Paper Stock Creates a Lasting Impression

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Read our blog post on everything you need to know about stocks, including weight (pts vs. pounds), textures, eco-friendly details, and much more.

Paper Stock Tips

  • Printing with PMS or four-color process on colored stock is not recommended. Ink is translucent, so the color of the stock may affect the printed colors.
  • A coated stock must have a coating finish applied to it. Likewise, an uncoated stock may not have a coating applied to it (apart from lamination).

Paper Stock Types

Below is a list of the paper stocks we currently have available. If you'd like to use a specific paper stock that you don’t see in this list, we can acquire it for you.

Contains Post Consumer Recycled Fiber Certified Green C1S - Coated on 1 side C2S - Coated on 2 sides

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12 PT C1S
12 PT C1S, Semi-Gloss
White, 80 lb. Smooth
10pt C1S White
10pt C1S White, Marble Crush
14 PT C1S
14 PT C1S, Semi-Gloss
12 PT C2S
12 PT C2S, Semi-Gloss
White, 100 lb. Smooth
Bright White
Bright White, 80 lb. Felt
Vanilla, 80 lb. Vellum
White, 90 lb. Cordwain
White Fiber
White Fiber, 80 lb. Fiber
Natural, 80 lb. Fiber
Cream, 80 lb. Fiber
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