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Lifetime Warranty

Built to Last

If a product under this warranty has a defect, let us know any time and we'll replace it (or, in rare cases, offer a refund).

Eligible Products

Our Lifetime Warranty includes our report covers, certificate covers, and the majority of our folder products. To see which warranty applies to your product, check its individual page in the store.

Our Policy

If there is a defect in the materials or workmanship of your products, we will offer a replacement (or, in rare cases, a refund; this is solely up to Company Folders' discretion). This warranty is valid at any point after purchase, so long as the claim is made by the person or business that purchased the original products and a proof of purchase is provided. It does not cover damages that occur as a result of abuse, normal wear and tear, or improper storage. It also does not cover slight imperfections (such as minor color variations between CMYK printed product(s) or cosmetic damages that do not affect the functionality of the product (such as scratches, creases, or bending). Any damage to or loss of materials contained in one of our products loss of use, loss of time, and similar expenses are not covered under this warranty. For more information, please read the "Returns, Refunds, and Damaged Goods" section of our Terms of Use.

Need to file a claim? Visit our Replacements and Refunds page.