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Folder Sizes & Dimensions

Folders come in a wide range of sizes, and many of them are specially designed to hold a very particular type of document or object. A letter-size folder won’t do you much good if you’re presenting legal-size documents. To avoid embarrassing mishaps, make sure you select a folder that is properly sized to hold the materials you plan to put inside.

Standard Pocket Folder Sizes & Dimensions

9x12 Folders (Letter-Size)

9” x 12” Folders (109)

Most common folder dimensions, designed to hold letter-size materials.

9x14 Folders (Legal-Size)

9 1/2” x 14 1/2” Folders (16)

Legal-size folders, popular for contracts and other legal documents.

6x9 Folders

6” x 9” Folders (12)

Suitable for “half size” documents, such as a folded sheet of letter-size paper.

4x9 Folders

4” x 9” Folders (13)

Thin dimensions, good for holding receipts or gift certificates.

5x7 4x6 Folders

5” x 7” and 4” x 6” Folders (10)

Most commonly used for small photos, key cards, or other compact materials.

Small Presentation Folders

Small Presentation Folders (46)

A variety of portable “mini-folders” sized to fit smaller documents.

Photo-Sized Folders

Photo-Sized Folders (16)

Perfect for holding photos with either a portrait or landscape orientation.

Card-Sized Folders

Card-Sized Folders (14)

A range of sizes ideal for gift cards, key cards, or other very small items.

CD/DVD-Sized Folders

CD/DVD-Sized Folders (10)

Great for presenting CDs or DVDs in a very compact, portable way.

Important Things to Know

Avoid wasting money on a folder that won’t meet your needs. Here are some things you should be aware of before you decide on a particular folder size.

Folder Size vs. Paper Size

Folders are slightly larger than the paper they are intended to hold. For example, folders meant to hold letter size 8 1/2” x 11” paper are typically close to 9” x 12”. Exact measurements will vary depending on the product you choose.

Pocket Folder Dimensions vs Paper Size

Be Unique to Stand Out

Standard sizes will get the job done, but consider going slightly outside the norm if you want your materials to stand out in a crowd. A folder that is closer to 10” x 12”, for instance, will be more noticeable in a stack of 9” x 12” materials.

Standard vs Unique Folder Dimensions

Folder Capacity

A folder with large dimensions is still limited in the quantity of materials it can hold. If you need to present a lot of materials at once, you may want to choose a folder with an expandable or box pocket.

Closed vs. Open Dimensions

The dimensions of a closed folder aren’t the only indicator of how much design space you have to work with. Remember that there’s a different set of dimensions when the folder is open. This is especially important when dealing with tri-panel folders, which offer extra design space but remain the same size as a two-panel folder when closed.

Capacity Presentation Folders

Folder Dimensions: Open vs Closed