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2 Pocket Folders

A two pocket folder is a useful tool for keeping important documents organized, as well as presenting them to...  

A two pocket folder is a useful tool for keeping important documents organized, as well as presenting them to clients in a professional way. Traditionally known as the standard "presentation folder," the double pocket folder may be made from paper, poly, vinyl, or other materials.

Custom Two Pocket Folders

Two Pocket Folders | 80+ Custom Printed Styles from 19¢

Organize your promotional materials in the twin pockets of a custom presentation folder. It’s easy to personalize our folders with your business logo and graphic design for a seriously professional look. Hand them out to the executive at your next presentation, or include sell sheets and brochures for your next sales pitch to clients. Consider using prongs or brads through three holes punched in your documents to secure them in the middle of your folder and leave room for more materials in the double pockets. You can also give recipients a peek at the contents with a die cut window on the cover.

Choose from more than 90 styles with an array of pocket options, including expanding, horizontal, vertical, curved, wavy, and diagonal. All of which can be featured in your design. Free templates are available online for you to preview your design. Buy a bulk order to save money.

Two Pocket Folder Printing Options

  • Imprint Methods: Choose from four color process printing, offset PMS printing, foil stamping or embossing
  • Pocket Slits: Free business card slits, brochure slits or CD/DVD slits available for each pocket
  • Stock Options: 59 paper stocks to choose from
  • Foil Stamp Colors: 24 hues to choose from
  • Coating Options: Aqueous, lamination, ultraviolet (UV)
  • Accessories: Spine attachments, stitched brochures, folder inserts, portfolio envelopes

Cost of Custom Pocket Folders

The price of pocket folder printing is:
Two Pocket Folder Types:Price per piece*:Minimum Quantity:
Foil Stamped $0.58 50
Full Color $0.56 50
9x12 (Letter Size) $0.48 50
9x14 (Legal Size) $0.64 250
Small/Mini (3x4, 4x9, 6x9, 4x6, 7x10) $0.21 250
Slash Pockets $0.72 250
Curved Pockets $0.48 250
Wavy Pockets $0.72 250
Reinforced (Heavy Duty) $0.54 250

*Based on maximum quantity. Prices may change.

Customization Tips & Ideas

  • The pockets can be printed either horizontally, vertically or a combination of both. Horizontal pockets give you more design room on the pocket itself while vertical pockets display more of the documents themselves.
  • An info flap is a fold-out panel that provides you with extra design and copy space in the interior of your folder.
  • Pockets come in a variety of sizes and shapes, depending on your aesthetic preferences. Rounded pockets, diagonal pockets and custom die-cut pockets are more unique looking than standard pockets.
  • Aqueous coating keeps your folder protected from normal wear-and-tear and comes in four varieties-- glossy, matte, satin and soft-touch. Glossy and matte are both smooth textures, though glossy is also shiny while matte is not. Satin and soft-touch have unique textures -- satin is velvety and soft-touch feels like suede.
  • Although ultraviolet (UV) coating makes your folder look extremely shiny, it does not offer any additional protection over aqueous coating.
  • The most durable coating is laminate, which not only protects against tears but can also repel stains.
  • Poly and plastic folders are recommended for outdoor use as they are the most durable.
  • Expansion folders can increase in size to 3/8" so that you can store a larger volume of materials.
  • For extra durability, consider reinforced edges and a reinforced spine.
  • File tabs make it easier for you to store folders horizontally in a cabinet or drawer.
  • Tuck tabs allow you to close and fasten your folders, making it less likely that contents will fall out or become shuffled around.

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Items 97 to 99 of 99 total

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