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What Presentation Folder Size is Right for You?

Forget what you may have heard otherwise- size does matter. Presentation folder size is a crucial aspect for both aesthetic and functional reasons. If your pocket folder dimensions are too small, the folder won’t be able to hold all of your documents. If the folder printing size is too big, it will draw attention away from the documents inside.

Landscape Presentation Folder Design

A standard presentation folder in the landscape setting (SKU: 08-06).

Your business may even require multiple presentation folder sizes to suit all of your different document needs. When selecting your presentation folders custom sizes, you can determine the correct folder printing dimensions by what you intend to use it for.

Best Size for General Use

If you want the most bang for your buck, you can’t go wrong with 9×12 presentation folders. At letter-size, this standard pocket folder size will fit the bulk majority of your business documents. Many presentation folders with standard dimensions open horizontally to hold documents printed in the landscape setting.

Legal Size Presentation Folder

An example of legal size presentation folders for contracts (SKU: 14-01).

Best Size for Contracts

Whether you’re a lawyer, contractor, realtor or signing agent-if you use contracts in your business, you need larger presentation folder dimensions. Contract and legal documents require an 9×14 presentation folder size. This is because legal documents are lengthier than standard documents, so standard presentation folder size is not large enough to hold them properly.

Best Size for Small Items

Small documents can often get lost in the vast open space of larger presentation folder sizes. There are a number of small custom folder printing dimensions available for any type of small document. A  4″ x 9″ folder is the ideal size for business receipts, while a 9″ x 6″ landscape pocket folder is a perfect fit for photographs.

Disc Sized Presentation Folder

An example of a presentation folder sized to hold discs (SKU: 26-03).

Best Size for Digital Media

Many companies like to eliminate waste by using digital documents instead of paper. However, even digital information can be presented in a professional looking folder. The standard custom folder print size can be made to order with a 5″ CD slot for easy storage and distribution of your digital media. If you want to use only digital media, select CD/DVD packaging instead.

Best Size for Large Quantities

Presentation folders’ dimensions refer to the length and width of the documents inside, but sometimes you also need to worry about the quantity of documents as well. An expansion folder allows you to have a standard sized presentation folder with a little extra slack for storing multiple documents or extra thick booklets and pamphlets.

By matching the size of your business folders to the size of your documents you can ensure that you’ll never waste money on a tool that doesn’t work for your needs. If you are still unsure of what presentation folder size is right for you, request a sample to get a better idea.

This post is a part of our Presentation Folders 101 product guide.

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