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6 Presentation Folder Accessories and Add-Ons

A designer folder, like a designer dress, only looks better when it’s paired with the right accessories. Some folder add-ons provide a functional purpose to your design, while others are purely for look. No matter what the purpose, an accessory can enhance your folder by adding a personalized touch, which allows it to be a more effective marketing tool. Here are some of the best add-on options available for your custom folder design.

Presentation Folder with Index Tabs

An example of a presentation folder with index tabs.

Index Tabs

Add index tabs to your designer folders to increase your organizational prowess and keep the insides of your folders looking neat and tidy. Tabs can be either horizontal or vertical, whichever best fits your design, and come with an added Mylar coating free of charge. Tabs can be labeled during printing or left blank to supply your own information.

Pocket Folder with Stepped Inserts

An example of a pocket folder with stepped inserts.

Stepped Inserts

Designer folders with stepped inserts provide a plethora of information in an easy-to-read format. The inserts can be printed in full-color with pictures and text to create information sheets and other marketing tools. The inserts are all printed at different sizes and then arranged from smallest to largest so that recipients can quickly thumb through the information and find what they need.

Presentation Folder With Spine Attachment

An example of a presentation folder with a spine attachment.

Spine Attachments

Spine attachments provide the perfect bridge between a presentation folder and a three-ring binder. This designer folder feature is stitched in for extra support and provides a place for three-ring closures. This allows you to transform any presentation folder into a bound information packet. The attachment is standard in white, but can be made from most stocks and papers to match any folder design.

Folder with Stitched Brochure

An example of a folder with a stitched brochure inside.

Stitched Brochures

Add a stitched 4-page brochure to your folder to create an information packet that is bound to the folder itself like the pages of a book. Stitched brochures have an advantage over normal folders because the information inside can never be separated from the folder accidentally. Stitched brochures are also more beneficial than a normal brochure because they can be outfitted with pockets or media slots for additional information storage.

Presentation Folder Portfolio Envelope

An example of a folder portfolio envelope.

Portfolio Envelopes

If a presentation folder is the cover to your presentation, then portfolio envelopes are the cover to your folder. Place your designer folders inside portfolio envelopes so that you can mail out your presentation folders to potential customers. The portfolio envelope itself can be customized with your company’s logo, pictures and information for additional marketing opportunities.

Belly Band Presentation Folder Dieline

Dieline for a belly band presentation folder.

Belly Bands

A belly band is a clasp that fits around your designer folder to provide extra security and a unique aesthetic look. Belly band folders come with a business card slot and two business cards to create an elegant package of information. Print a design directly on the band, or have it customized with a die cut window to display the folder design.

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  1. As a company, we are looking to get a tri fold presentation folder made. We are looking for the middle panel to be the only one with the pocket.. including slits for one or two business cards. We are also looking to have stitched brochures in the folds of the folder.. looking to get 250-500.. if you could throw me a few quotes or email me back with any additional information you may need. Thank you.

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