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33 Easy Ways to Motivate Your Creative Employees

How to Motivate Creative Employees

We hate to break it to you, but 70% of your employees are disengaged—probably right this very minute. And did we mention they're wasting your money? Unmotivated employees cost American companies $350 billion in lost revenue every year. To save yourself money—and a lot of headaches—you have to know how to motivate your employees. But that's a tricky thing to do when you're dealing with creative workers, because you can't force creativity out of someone. That's why we're here to teach you the … [Read more...]

11 Employee Perks to Attract Top Creative Talent

11 Best Employee Benefit Ideas & Job Perks To Attract Top Talent

Free cafeterias. Unlimited vacation. Extended parental leave. We all fantasize about such amazing workplace benefits, but most of us haven't experienced them yet. That fantasy is coming to life more and more. Recently, we've seen employers stepping up their incentives game to attract and keep top talent. Already companies like Google and Facebook are famous for innovative employee perks and workspaces that look more like playgrounds than massive tech companies. Top brands offer … [Read more...]

Why Every Entrepreneur Must Learn Photoshop

Why Every Entrepreneur Must Learn Photoshop

Successful entrepreneurs often wear many hats: salesperson, spokesperson, marketer, innovator, leader, social media guru and motivational speaker. If you want to dress for success, then it's time to think about adding a "designer" hat to your wardrobe. Your company's visual identity defines the way your audience perceives your brand—don't you think you should have a bigger say in that? One of the best ways to dip your toe into the design pool is to learn Adobe Photoshop, which is pretty much … [Read more...]

Celebrating 10 Years With a Blast From the Past

Celebrating 10 Years With a Blast From the Past

Company Folders is proud to announce our 10th anniversary! Don't worry, you don't have to get us a present. In fact, to celebrate our tenth year in business, our gift to you is a 10% site-wide discount plus free shipping on all orders placed before 6 PM EST on December 6, 2013. For those of you who have worked with us over the years, we decided to take a trip down memory lane and chart the evolution of Company Folders from our humble beginnings to exciting recent … [Read more...]

Giveaway: Free Custom Brochures and Business Cards

Giveaway: Free Custom Brochures and Business Cards

[Update] Congratulations to Lori H., the winner of March's free custom brochures and business cards giveaway! Company Folders is giving away 500 custom 3-panel brochures and 500 standard business cards—a $310 value that you have a chance to win for free! To enter our giveaway, simply use the widget below by March 31st, 2013. Choose more than one method of entry to multiply your chances to win! Our lucky winner will be chosen on April 1 using to guarantee fairness. This … [Read more...]

How to Create a Dazzling Custom Photography Portfolio

How to Create a Dazzling Custom Photography Portfolio

Looks matter in a creative field like photography because potential clients gauge your worth by how good your previous work looks. This means the design of your custom photography portfolio also has to look as good as the pictures inside, especially when you consider that the cover is a client's first look at your work. To make the best impression possible, there are a number of factors to consider in your design. Select Your Portfolio Type The design process starts with selecting the type … [Read more...]

5 Design Tips for Auto Service Document Holders

5 Design Tips for Auto Service Document Holders

Most automobile glove boxes are filled with an assortment of papers -- from registration documents and car manuals to tune-up schedules and oil change punch cards. A car document holder helps the documents from your automobile company stand out above the rest of those papers, and ensures that your clients can always find what they are looking for. Designing a holder for auto documents is easy if you have a clear idea of what your business offers and how it differs from the competition. Show … [Read more...]

How to Create an Effective Document Portfolio

Large Portfolio Design

Forget everything you know about those brown, boring, store-bought document portfolios -- they do nothing to promote your work, your brand or yourself as an individual. Custom portfolios can be designed to give recipients a sense of who you are before they even look at examples of your work. It's time to show the world what you can do, and that starts with a smartly designed portfolio. Go for Big Designs Since a portfolio is printed in a horizontal position, you have a very wide canvas to … [Read more...]

The 4 P’s of Presenting a Business Proposal with Poise

Confident Buisness Proposal Presenter

A business proposal presentation can make or break your chances for attracting investors. If you don't know how to reach your audience, you won't make a big enough impact to land the investment-even if your proposal is solid. You may be selling them on a potential business venture, but you're also selling yourself as part of the package. That means you have to be just as attractive to a potential investor as your business plan. The following tips can help you find success when selling … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Give Your Business Proposal a Makeover

Graphics for a Buisness Proposal

Whether you're looking to start a new business or seeking potential investors for an existing business, a business proposal is your ticket to success. Using a business proposal template will help you make sure that you include all the pertinent information. However, you need more than just the straight facts to attract investors. Part of knowing how to prepare a business proposal is in knowing how to make it aesthetically pleasing. A good-looking proposal resonates with investors and will … [Read more...]

5 Easy Ways to Nail Your Next Business Presentation

Asking Questions During a Buisness Presentation

A business presentation gives you the chance to take the spotlight and show the world that what you have to say is important. However, many people look at the spotlight the way a deer looks into a headlight-with absolute terror. Being nervous about giving a business presentation is natural, but you can't let that spoil your opportunity to shine. Consider the following business presentation tips the next time you're asked to take the spotlight and you'll leave the audience asking for an … [Read more...]