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7 Good Alternatives to Presentation Folders

Although presentation folders are handy marketing tools, they’re only one dish in a vast smorgasbord of promotional materials. There are several alternatives to presentation folders that also offer storage for your documents and plenty of customization options. However, these materials each have their own unique flavor that brings something new to the table.
Custom Binder (2 Pockets, Letter Sized, 3-Rings)

A custom binder keeps your important files bound together, thereby enhancing your power (SKU: 88-01).


A branded business binder is a slightly bigger, slightly sturdier folder with a three-ring mechanism inside to bind pages together. Three rings to rule them all, so to speak. This creates an information packet that reads like a Tolkien book and can be divided up into sections using tabs. Since the binding can be re-opened, you are free to disassemble and reassemble your packet whenever your information changes.

Binders are good for situations when you have a great deal of information to present (like employee training) or when you want to show things off in a book format (such as a product catalog).

Custom 1-inch Capacity Presentation Box

Use a custom presentation box to create a complete sales kit (SKU: 36-01).

Presentation Boxes

Custom presentation boxes can hold a large capacity of material — including your presentation folders and more. These items let you craft effective kits for sales and marketing purposes. Totes have a built-in handle to make it easier for you to transport your materials, and can be either horizontal or vertical. Sales boxes are smaller and “sans handle” — perfect for mailing or as part of a larger package.

Both packages are great to take to trade shows, conventions and conferences to reach new business connections.

Custom Legal Size Portfolio Envelope

Portfolio envelopes can be used to hold folders or send them to a client (SKU: 16-01).


Portfolio folder envelopes are printed in a horizontal or landscape position and are big enough to hold a large amount of your past work to show to potential clients and business partners. Some portfolios are even designed to hold folders so that you can easily send them through the mail.

These are a great choice when you want to make a good first impression, either in person or through the mail.

Custom Report Cover with Window

A custom report cover with window gives your important reports an attractive makeover (SKU: 09-09).

Report Covers

Instead of using an entire folder for one small report, use a custom report cover. This alternative to presentation folders makes more sense when you have less information to present but you still want to emphasize how important the information is. Report covers can be outfitted with business card slots for added marketability.

These are great for business presentations, finance meetings or other situations where a relatively small amount of information is being presented.

Custom CD/DVD Sleeve Packaging

Distribute digital media with custom CD and DVD packaging sleeves (SKU: 26-03).

CD and DVD Packaging

If you want to distribute digital files, try burning the files to a disk and presenting the disk inside custom packaging. This makes it easier to make a face-to-face connection with someone when you are giving them a digital file. If you send files through e-mail after making a pitch, you run the risk of being forgotten or confused with someone else. CD and DVD folders allow you to share media and demonstrate your brand identity at the same time.

Disc sleeves are great for media presentations and make great promotional tools to give to your new and existing clients. For more, take a look at our complete selection of CD/DVD sleeves, mailers, and envelopes.

Custom Document Folders

Custom document folders give special attention to your important paperwork.

Document Folders

Important papers require important considerations. If you have a document that you want to showcase, place it inside a custom designed document holder. These folders allow you to present crucial materials like signing papers or life insurance titles in an attractive way. Document folders are folded pieces of stock without pockets or any other frills — just a bold design and room to place important certificates or other materials.

Specialty folders give special occasions (like closing on a house or signing a new business deal) a little more excitement and theatrics.

Custom File Folder (2-Pockets, Letter Sized)

File folders have a customizable tab to make it easier to organize (SKU: 08-22).

File Folders

There are a great deal of similarities between file folders and presentation folders. Both have similar extra features, like pockets and reinforced edges, but file folders are designed to be placed in a drawer or filing cabinet. They come with a tab so that you can easily sort through multiple folders.

File folders make great promotional tools for tax preparers and CPAs because their clients will want to file any information given to them.

There is no single piece of marketing collateral that is better than another because each plays a different, yet vital role in attracting business. These promotional materials are less an alternative to presentation folders and more like teammates. Each has its own strengths which are best applied to different business situations, but all work together to create a dynamic message about your company.

This post is a part of our Presentation Folders 101 product guide.

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