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Report Covers 101: Guide to Custom Report Covers

You’ve slaved over a hot keyboard all day and night to make your report the best it can be–now it’s time to make it look its best, too. Report covers transform your important documents from a loose collection of papers to an attractive booklet of information. However, there’s much more to these presentation tools than simply stapling a piece of cardstock to your report and calling it a day. Fortunately, we’ve compiled a list of helpful resources that will help you get the most out of your custom report covers.

One Piece Window Report CoverReport Cover Essentials

Designing Report Covers

ReportFinding Inspiration for Your Report Cover Designs

  • The 8 Best Annual Report Covers – Our hand-selected list of report covers with strong designs meant to provide design inspiration and a look at what is possible when you utilize your creativity.
  • Inspiration: Top 25 Annual Report Designs – A list of some of the most memorable annual report designs from the last few years, including non-traditional designs with interactive features and unique materials.
  • Annual Report Design Samples For Inspiration – A look at a number of report cover designs that are inventive, innovative or just plain interesting to look at.
Vladimir Gendelman
Author: Vladimir Gendelman

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