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6 Awesome Paper and Linen Stocks for Your Presentation Folders

You’ve painstakingly designed your paper presentation folder so that it accurately portrays your goals and mission statement. You’ve selected a color scheme that best suits your company’s image and a style that fits your organizational needs. It’s almost time to order, but there’s only one more factor left to decide-what kind of paper or linen stock to use.

The world of paper goes far beyond spiral notebooks and photocopy machines-there’s a whole world of awesome paper and linen document folders out there to choose from. Here are just a few stock suggestions that will help your paper presentation folder get the attention it deserves.

Marblecoat Paper Example

An Example of Marblecoat Stock


Marblecoat is a classy custom folders stock that invokes the feeling of an ancient Grecian temple. Marblecoat is a believable imitation of marble stone, both in look and texture. Running your finger down the smooth texture of a marblecoat feels just like an elegant marble counter top.




Example of Felt Stock

An Example of Felt Stock


Felt is more than just a crafting material used by kids and puppeteers-it’s also a type of paper for custom folders. Felt stock is sturdier than regular felt, but it retains the interesting textural feeling of pressed fabric.




Kraft Paper Example

An Example of Kraft Stock


Kraft folder printing paper is not only durable, it’s eco-friendly. Kraft folders are made from 100% recycled material so you can feel good about doing your part to help save the environment. Kraft has a woody, earthy look that instantly lets your clients know that you care about green business practices.




Example of Gloss Stock

An Example of Gloss Stock


Smooth, shiny and silky-all these words and more describe gloss paper for presentation folders. The flat surface of gloss paper is perfect for those paper presentation folders that are heavy on photography and full-color images.




Vellum Paper Example

An Example of Vellum Stock


Vellum used to refer exclusively to the use of calf or other animal skin as an alternative to paper. Fortunately for baby cows everywhere, vellum presentation folder paper stock looks like the real thing but is actually made from plants. This synthetic substitute gives you the texture of calf skin while remaining cruelty-free.



Example of Linen Stock

An Example of Linen Stock


Who doesn’t love the feeling of fresh linen on their skin? Linen pocket folders aren’t exactly the same as the linens in your closet, but they come incredibly close. The paper is coated in a synthetic texture that feels like linen to the touch, but remains strong and sturdy to keep your documents safe.

With so many different options to choose from, there is no excuse for having a paper presentation folder in boring old manila. Whether you choose to go big and bold or professional and profound, there’s a stock that’s right for you.

This post is a part of our Presentation Folders 101 product guide.

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    Is there any way you could produce your kraft stock in a sheet size of 8-7/8 x 22-1/8? I would need this scored in the middle if possible. If possible I would like to get pricing with and without for corner slits on one end.

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