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How to Save the Earth with Recycled Presentation Folders

If you don’t want to see the last 15% of the world’s forests clearcut or fragmented for use as commercial timber, choose recycled folders instead of those made with virgin fibers. In our eco-conscious society, it’s important for businesses to show that they are ecologically responsible.

In fact, companies who promote green practices generally have a better reputation with consumers than those who don’t take the effort. If you’re exploring the idea of reducing your company’s environmental impact, consider the numerous benefits of using presentation folders made with recycled paper.

Unnecessary Paper Waste

Reduce the amount of paper waste in landfills by using recycled folders.

Reduce Paper Waste

Recycled paper presentation folders are made from all types of paper waste. Some of this waste is post-consumer, meaning that it’s composed of paper that people put into recycling bins. Some of it is pre-consumer waste, meaning the leftover pulp and scraps from cutting and producing paper products. Recycled folders are made with at least 75% paper waste, which reduces the amount paper left in landfills.


When you’re done with your recycled folders, you can toss them in a recycling bin and begin the process anew without the need for cutting down more trees. This promotes sustainability, as fewer natural resources are needed in printing recycled presentation folders. Using recycled folders also makes it easier to replace the few natural resources that are needed over time.

Mechanical Equipment for Logging

Using recycled folders means a smaller carbon footprint and fewer emissions from logging equipment and transportation vehicles.

Smaller Carbon Footprint

Producing folders with virgin fiber creates a number of carbon emissions, from the logging equipment to the trucks that transport the timber to the paper mill. Using recycled folders reduces your carbon footprint by cutting down on the amount of carbon produced in the production and transportation process.

Stop Negative Stereotype of Recycled Paper

There’s an unfortunate negative stereotype that recycled paper produces expensive, muddy-looking products. However, as the recycling and refining process has evolved over time, so too has the quality of recycled paper. Printing folders on recycled paper still produces the same crisp, clear images as non-recycled paper. Best of all, recycled folders are affordable, making them both economically and ecologically friendly.

Promote Eco-Friendly Business Practices

Eco-Friendly Folder

Recycled folders show customers and other companies that you are committed to green business practices.

What company doesn’t want to be a trend setter in their field? Using recycled presentation folders helps promote the idea of green business practices to the other companies that you work with. When they see your high-quality presentation folders made from recycled content, they’ll be inspired to follow in your footsteps.

Of course, it’s not enough to just use recycled folders–you should also be finding other ways to reduce your waste and promote sustainability in all aspects of your business. Taking a serious approach to being socially and ecologically responsible will do wonders for your company’s image–not to mention, it might just help save the world, too.

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