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5 Tax Presentation Folders That Keep You Organized

Income tax season is a stressful time of year, which is why an accountant should do everything they can to make sure their clients feel comfortable and confident that their taxes are in good hands. Tax presentation folders help relieve the stress of tax season by making better organized people out of you and your clients. The best way to be successful using customized tax return folders is to choose the design and style that is right for your client’s needs.

best tax return folder sample

An example of a pocket folder.

Pocket Folders

Pocket folders represent the standard for tax presentation folders. These are outfitted with one or more storage pockets to hold document safe and securely.

Pocket folders can be customized to fit a variety of different styles and needs. Design a tax folder that incorporates a company logo, mission statement or just some helpful tax advice for added impact.

Presentation Folder with Tab

An example of a presentation folder with tab.

Tabbed Folders

Income tax presentation folders with tabs make it easier to file away information to be used at a later date. Adding names to the tabs lets you see the contents of your custom tax folders when they’re sitting in a filing cabinet or drawer.

Tabs also give you an easy way to differentiate between tax returns for different years by allowing you to place the date directly on the folder.

Folder with Flash Drive Slot

An example of a presentation folder with a flash drive slot.

Folders with Digital Media Storage

With much of the tax preparation process becoming electronic these days, you may find it prudent to use tax return presentation folders with extra pockets for digital media storage. A presentation folder with CD slot can be used to give your clients a digital copy of all of their files for easy access.

If you don’t want to spend the time burning CDs for your clients, try tax return folders with a flash drive slot instead. Flash drives are smaller than discs, can hold more information and are reusable so that you can add more to them the next time tax season rolls around.

Folder with Expansion Pocket

A folder with an expansion pocket.

Expansion Folders

You might find yourself needing extra storage space because your client is absolutely swimming in receipts and other tax documents. Tax presentation folders with expansion pockets have extra room to make it easier to store everything.

Expansion folders lay completely flat when empty, but have extra room in the interior pockets so that they expand outward as you add more files.

embossed presentation folder

An example of a foil stamped presentation folder.

Foil Stamped and Embossed Folders

It’s not always about function-sometimes style can go a long way towards selling yourself as a certified tax preparer. Using foil embossed tax presentation folders for your big budget clients will make you come across as serious, professional and trustworthy. The embossing process prints an image directly into the stock of the folder, instead of on top using ink. This provides a textural relief image that can be seen and felt. Add foil stamping for a shiny, reflective finish on your tax return folder logo that communicates confidence and authority to your clients.

These are only a few examples of tax presentation folders that will keep you successful and structured. The best folder choice is always the one that suits your particular needs, so play around with custom options until you find the perfect match.

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