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5 Reasons Why Glossy is Glorious for Presentation Folders

You would never want somebody to consider your presentation dull—so why risk using a dull material in your presentation folder? Glossy folder printing produces a shiny surface that catches the eye and feels smooth to the touch.

A gloss presentation folder invokes the high-quality aesthetic of a photograph, magazine or catalog and provides a textural finish with a number of advantages over matte or satin finishes. Here are just a few reasons why you might want to consider printing glossy folders in the future.

A gloss finish is best for folders that use full-color images and photos.

Full-Color Printing

One of the biggest advantages to glossy folder printing is the way that full-color photos appear  on gloss. Glossy stock causes the color in photographs to be as vibrant as the real thing. The aqueous coating that is used in glossy folder printing seals in the ink so that it won’t bleed during the production process. Color looks correct when printed on gloss paper, unlike matte paper, which noticeably alters the quality of the color.

Durable Material

The coating from the glossy folder printing process acts like a sealant, preventing damage from wear and tear. Due to this extra layer of protection, glossy presentation folders are more durable and will last longer than matte folders when properly cared for. This means more value for your money because the folders can be used multiple times without looking worn out.

Protective Coating

The coating on custom glossy folders is not just for textural effect—it also provides a small amount of protection from messes. Glossy presentation folders can be gently wiped down with a soft cloth to remove any dirt, fingerprints or other unsightly blemishes. The protective coating also prevents the color in your folder from fading over time due to sunlight exposure.

A glossy coating adds a level of sophistication to your presentation folder.

Associated with Sophistication

Gloss presentation folders will make a greater impact with your customers than matte, thanks to the association between gloss material and sophistication. Gloss coating is often considered a more expensive option and expense is often associated with quality. When customers get a good look at your glossy presentation folder they automatically associate it—and you—with success and style.

Design Flexibility

When printing glossy folders, you might find that you only want the coating on certain aspects of your design. Spot coating gives you the option to use a glossy finish in some areas of your folder and a different coating for the rest. With glossy spot coating you can create textural contrast, both visually and tacitly, for a much bolder design statement.

Printing glossy folders is often a smart choice—but before you make the commitment, be sure it’s what you want. Matte stock is best for black-and-white photography and satin is best if you want a unique texture. It’s easier to select the right texture when you have it in your hands, so request a sample if you can’t decide.

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  1. I saw an amazing presentation folder. It was 6 pages all attached of course in shiny. I can’t find where to order or even what they are called.

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