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Custom Folders with Business Card Slots

When you have a cool-looking business card design and an equally cool two-pocket presentation folder to put it in, the last thing you want to do is just stick it loose inside one of the pockets. Instead, stick that sucker right on the presentation folder itself like a badge of honor using folder slits. It's the perfect finishing touch to make your paper folder both functional and fashionable. Presentation folders with business card slots When you order from Company Folders, business card slots … [Read more...]

Case Study: Client Switches Printer for Lower Price on Restocking Project

Company Overview: Mattex has been providing professional heating, cooling, plumbing and electrical services in Central Illinois since 1994. Problem: Mattex needs to have enough presentation folders on hand to give customers warranty information, manuals, and any other information they need in one convenient package. Story: When Mattex began running out of presentation folders, Mattex Marketing Administrator Sam Oesterreich got in touch with Company Folders, Inc. Oesterreich found the … [Read more...]

Case Study: Print Expert Works with Client to Resolve Artwork Issues

Company Overview: Established by Congress in 1969, the Inter-American Foundation is an independent U.S. government agency that develops assistance to the organized poor in Latin America and the Caribbean. A board of directors appointed by the U.S. president and confirmed by the U.S. Senate governs the foundation. Problem: Edith Bermúdez, communications specialist at the Inter-American Foundation, needed presentation folders to support the organization’s branding at events and meetings. Story: … [Read more...]

Case Study: Numerous Customizable Options Bring Client Back

Company Overview: Balance Marketing Group, an integrated marketing firm, was founded in 2009. Based in Berwyn, Penn., the company works with clients in various industries including hospitality, automotive, and financial services. Product: 2 Pocket Letter Size Tabbed File Folder printed with four color process on Side 1 of uncoated 80lb Smooth White Stock. V2 business card slits on the right pocket. Problem: Balance Marketing Group needed file folders for a client's customer documents. Story: … [Read more...]

Case Study: Design Experts Work with Travel Agency to Create Document Holders

Company Overview: Fitzgerald Travel is a custom travel design consulting business with a focus on European cruises and luxury travel. Each of its consultants has more than 20 years of full-service travel experience. Product: 9 7/8" x 6" Wallet-Style Document Folder with one foil stamped area and one embossed area on uncoated 100lb Dark Blue Linen stock. H1 business card slits on the pocket. Square Corners Two Pocket Presentation Folder with one foil stamped area on uncoated 100lb Dark Blue … [Read more...]

Presentation Folders 101: Guide to Custom Folder Printing

At first glance, presentation folders seem simple—a custom designed marketing tool used to store important documents. However, they become more complex when you start to take into consideration all the many different types of folders, stocks, inks, accessories and overall design options there are to choose from. Fortunately, we've come up with a handy roadmap to help make you a more informed consumer of presentation folders. An Introduction to Presentation Folders Folder Sizes: Guide to … [Read more...]

Binders 101: Guide to Custom Binder Printing

For many business professionals, a binder is simply a piece of office equipment used to stay organized—but there's more to these useful tools than what's on the surface. Not only does a custom binder keep important documents safe and secure, they can also help to promote your business, build up your brand identity and attract new customers. Find out all the best ways to design and utilize binders by reading these hand-selected articles from our collection of resources. Binder Basics 3-Ring … [Read more...]

Report Covers 101: Guide to Custom Report Covers

You've worked over a hot keyboard all day and night to make your report the best it can be—now it's time to make it look its best, too. Report covers transform your important documents from a loose collection of papers to an attractive booklet of information. However, there's much more to these presentation tools than simply stapling a piece of cardstock to your report and calling it a day. Fortunately, we've compiled a list of helpful resources that will help you get the most out of your custom … [Read more...]

Case Study: Advice on Printing Effects Brings Custom Greeting Card to Life

Company Overview: CBS62 Detroit and CW50 Detroit are affiliates of CBS Broadcasting, Inc. In addition to news and sports, other popular programs featured on the channels include Young Sheldon, Family Feud, Riverdale, and Blue Bloods. Product: Custom printed product with four color process and one embossed area printed on side one of 14pt C1S Semi-Gloss stock, coated with Aqueous Soft-Touch and Spot UV. Side two printed with four color process. This is a modification of our custom greeting … [Read more...]

Case Study: Client Helped to Overcome Design, Shipping Hurdles

Company Overview: Vacca Family Law Group is based in New York City. The firm practices in collaborative divorce, mediation, divorce, separation, child support, property division, spousal support, child custody, prenuptial agreements, and postnuptial agreements. Product: Square Corners Two Pocket Presentation Folder with one foil stamped area on uncoated 100lb Dark Blue Linen stock. H2 business card slits on the right pocket. Problem: After changing the name of the law firm, the Vacca Family … [Read more...]