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Author: Vladimir Gendelman

Vladimir Gendelman

As CEO of, Vladimir is a knowledgeable authority in print marketing and graphic design for businesses. With his team of designers and experts, he helps customers put forth the best possible impression with high-quality collateral. Learn more about Vladimir’s history and experience, and connect with him on Twitter.

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Wedding Invitation Design Tips for Professional Designers

Custom Wedding Invitation Design Tips for Professional Designers

The next time you want to shut down some smug jerk who says that print design is dead, just throw these two words at them: wedding invitations. In a world where most of our events are planned through e-vites, text messages and social media, paper invitations are still the only socially acceptable way to invite someone to your wedding. As a print designer, working in the wedding industry can be a lucrative opportunity—but it comes with its own unique set of pitfalls and problems. And if you're … [Read more...]

Custom Folders with Business Card Slots

Custom Presentation Folders with Business Card Holder Slots

When you have a cool-looking business card design and an equally cool two-pocket presentation folder to put it in, the last thing you want to do is just stick it loose inside one of the pockets. Instead, stick that sucker right on the presentation folder itself like a badge of honor using folder slits. It's the perfect finishing touch to make your paper folder both functional and fashionable. Presentation folders with business card slots When you order from Company Folders, business card slots … [Read more...]

Presentation Folders 101: Guide to Custom Folder Printing

Presentation Folders: Guide to Custom Folder Printing

At first glance, presentation folders seem simple—a custom designed marketing tool used to store important documents. However, they become more complex when you start to take into consideration all the many different types of folders, stocks, inks, accessories and overall design options there are to choose from. Fortunately, we've come up with a handy roadmap to help make you a more informed consumer of presentation folders. An Introduction to Presentation Folders Folder Sizes: Guide to … [Read more...]

Binders 101: Guide to Custom Binder Printing

Custom Binders: Guide to Printed Business Binders w/ Logo

For many business professionals, a binder is simply a piece of office equipment used to stay organized—but there's more to these useful tools than what's on the surface. Not only does a custom binder keep important documents safe and secure, they can also help to promote your business, build up your brand identity and attract new customers. Find out all the best ways to design and utilize binders by reading these hand-selected articles from our collection of resources. Binder Basics 3-Ring … [Read more...]

Report Covers 101: Guide to Custom Report Covers

Report Covers: Guide to Custom Report Cover Printing

You've worked over a hot keyboard all day and night to make your report the best it can be—now it's time to make it look its best, too. Report covers transform your important documents from a loose collection of papers to an attractive booklet of information. However, there's much more to these presentation tools than simply stapling a piece of cardstock to your report and calling it a day. Fortunately, we've compiled a list of helpful resources that will help you get the most out of your custom … [Read more...]

The 26 Best Envelopes (and Where to Buy Them)

The 26 Best Envelopes (and Where to Buy Them)

The way something is packaged has a major effect on the person receiving it. You'd never give someone a loose birthday card without putting it in a nice-looking envelope, particularly if you expect it to be mailed. It's especially popular for businesses to print envelopes with a custom design when they want to put forth a professional image. Envelopes do much more than ensure your mail reaches its destination—they let people know that you care about the presentation of your message. Whether … [Read more...]

102 Incredibly Cool Binder Design Ideas

5 Ink-Saving Fonts Every Eco-Friendly Designer Must Know

When you were a child in school, did you ever own a binder decorated with cute stickers, doodles or the name of your secret crush? That same desire to personalize our materials has followed us into adulthood, but in a more sophisticated way. Professional custom binder designs allow companies and organizations to creatively reinforce their brand identity, present their concepts and showcase their products. If you're looking for binder design ideas (and want something more impressive than your … [Read more...]

33 Easy Ways to Motivate Your Creative Employees

How to Motivate Creative Employees

We hate to break it to you, but 70% of your employees are disengaged—probably right this very minute. And did we mention they're wasting your money? Unmotivated employees cost American companies $350 billion in lost revenue every year. To save yourself money—and a lot of headaches—you have to know how to motivate your employees. But that's a tricky thing to do when you're dealing with creative workers, because you can't force creativity out of someone. That's why we're here to teach you the … [Read more...]

How to Design the Perfect Business Logo (Infographic)

How to Design the Perfect Business Logo (Infographic)

A logo is more than just a pretty image for customers to look at while they use a product or service. It's the face of an entire brand, a symbol that determines how people feel about that particular company. For example, if a restaurant's logo is cold and unappetizing, potential customers are going to associate that image with their food. So what sort of ingredients do you need to cook up a tasty, irresistible logo? This infographic will provide you with tips and ideas related to each of the … [Read more...]

11 Employee Perks to Attract Top Creative Talent

11 Best Employee Benefit Ideas & Job Perks To Attract Top Talent

Free cafeterias. Unlimited vacation. Extended parental leave. We all fantasize about such amazing workplace benefits, but most of us haven't experienced them yet. That fantasy is coming to life more and more. Recently, we've seen employers stepping up their incentives game to attract and keep top talent. Already companies like Google and Facebook are famous for innovative employee perks and workspaces that look more like playgrounds than massive tech companies. Top brands offer … [Read more...]