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How to Use Sales Folders to Help You Seal the Deal

It doesn’t matter whether you sell real estate or rutabagas-you never know when you’ll have the opportunity for a potential sale. If everything you need to make a sale is contained in a sales folder, you’re always ready to seal the deal.

Custom sales folder designs put your company in the spotlight and can help you be more successful when selling your product. However, you first need to know what to incorporate into your design and how to best use the folder as a sales tool.

Sales Folder With Branding

Sales folders can increase your brand awareness.


Sales folders can be customized to incorporate your company logo and color scheme to further increase your brand awareness. For many potential customers this may be the first time they are coming into contact with your brand, so this is your chance to show them what you’re all about. Sales folder designs should reinforce your brand identity, but also introduce customers to your product or services.


A presentation folder is more than just a place to store documents-it’s also marketing media. The best sales folder designs incorporate your company’s mission statement, customer testimonials and a good look at what you’re selling. You get only a small window of time to grab a customer’s attention. A sales folder helps you make the most of that time.

Establish Authority with Presentation Folders

A professional looking presentation helps you establish yourself as an authority expert in your field.

Establishing Expertise

Using sales folders gives you a professional look, which can be just the advantage you need to edge out your competition. When you hand your clients a beautifully designed folder, you make your company look like the authority in your field, even if you’re still a small fledgling start-up.

Informing the Customer

In this tough economy, people want to be absolutely sure they are getting the most for their money. Providing your potential customers with a sales folder complete with all the pertinent information will make them feel like they know enough to reach an informed purchasing decision. If the client decides he needs to think about your offer, he has everything he needs to remember what you can do for him when he thinks about it later.

Close the Sale with Folders

A presentation folder can help you close the sale.

Closing the Sale

Nothing is written in stone until you close the sale. Include contracts in a sales folder so you can nab a customer’s John Hancock before he changes his mind. If your customer isn’t ready to buy, your sales folder becomes a take-home sales pitch. When you follow-up on the sale, he’ll definitely remember you and what you have to offer. If you attach a business card to your sales folder, he might just be the one calling you when he’s ready to buy.

Sales folders won’t turn you into a better salesperson overnight,  but when mixed with effective sales strategies and friendly customer service, they can be powerful sales tools. Strive to be the best salesperson you can be and the folders will do the rest.

CF Staff
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