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5 Design Ideas for Sales Presentation Binders

Even the most charming, likeable, friendly salesperson needs to be able to explain to a customer why their product or service is the best choice. Custom sales presentation binders help you to get this information across in a way that’s easy to understand.

However, much of your success comes from the binder design itself. Without the right look and features your binder can actually work against your interests. Here are five design choices for your binders that can help you increase the likelihood of making a sale.

Custom Binder with Product Picture

Use a picture of your product in the design of your custom binder.

Put Your Product Front and Center

No matter what you sell– whether it’s a product or a service–it should be the star of your binder design. In the case of a product, use high-quality photos and 4-color printing so that customers can become familiar with it. If you sell a service, use your design to describe why your service can’t be beat and add images whenever appropriate. For example, a company that sells window treatments might show a picture of some of their best work for a previous client as an indication of what they can offer new clients.

Create Memorable Branding Moments

Sales presentation binders help you get your brand out there, which can be helpful even if you don’t make the sale. Your company has a unique DNA that should be present in everything from the pictures you use to the font text and color. Even if you don’t make the sale, you establish your name and you present your product to new faces, who may eventually convert to customers in the long run.

Pocketless 3-Ring Binder Designs

Use different binder designs for different clients to achieve the best results.

Use Multiple Designs

The design of your promotional binders should be flexible and change according to the product, situation or client. For example, an insurance group might want to consider using two different designs, one that they use when selling insurance to families and one that they use when selling insurance to businesses. Both customers are looking to purchase the same thing, but for different reasons, so the binder design should cater to their varying needs. Your binder design should always have your product and brand’s best interests at heart–if it doesn’t, you need to fix it or consider expanding your options.

Include Testimonials from Happy Customers

Some customers are willing to buy upfront and others need a little more convincing before they’ll try something new. Adding testimonials from previous clients and customers will help to convince those holdouts to go forward with the purchase. Testimonials show that you have a good relationship with your past clients and suggest you’ll have the same with prospective clients.

Eco-Friendly Binder with Custom Business Card Slot

Add a business card slot so that your contact information is always within reach of a potential customer.

Break Out the Business Cards

There are always those customers who need to sleep on it before they make a purchasing decision. Use sales binders with business card slots so these customers always have your contact information readily available. Including a business card in a binder is better than handing it to a client because it’s less likely to become lost.

Of course, the design of your sales binder is just one of the many factors that goes into sealing the deal. Your binder should also include enough information for the potential client to see just what your company has to offer without overloading them.

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