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7 Presentation Folders That Are Perfect for Clients

Pocket Folder

You need different folders for different clients, though some designs like pocket folders are good for multiple types of clients.

Clients are the lifeblood of your business, so much of your company’s time and energy are spent seeking out new ones and keeping the ones you have happy and satisfied. Client presentation folders can be effective in marketing to new customers and reinforcing your company’s commitment to quality to your current clientele — but it’s crucial to use the right type of folder for your particular clients.

If you aren’t sure what type of folder to use for a particular client, then pocket folders should be your default choice. Not only do the pockets ensure that whatever you put inside won’t accidentally fall out of the folder, they also provide extra design space and special features. Outfit your pockets with a business card holder or CD slot for added marketing opportunities, and design your pockets with a company logo to increase brand awareness.

Folders for Potential Clients

The belly band folder package is an all-inclusive marketing presentation kit that helps you win over those skeptical prospects. The tri-fold design and the wrap-around closure create an inviting looking package that begs to be opened. Belly bands also come with two free business cards for every folder, which helps you further sell your brand to a potential client. These folders make a good first impression because they give your documents an extra boost of professionalism.

Folder With Info Flap

Add an info flap to keep your new clients up to speed with everything they need to know pertaining to your business.

Folders for New Clients

Signing a new client requires an orientation period where you familiarize them with your business and the services you provide. This also includes teaching them the right lingo or breaking down your business process step-by-step. Incorporate this information directly into the folder itself so that clients have a handy refresher whenever they need it. Try printing the information onto a vertical interior pocket or order folders with an attached info flap if you want the information to stand alone.

Folders for Industrious Clients

For your clients that work outdoors or in the industrial sector, use folders that match their rough-and-tumble lifestyle. Folders made with poly material are flexible, sturdy and weatherproof which makes them perfect for clients who are on site more often than inside an office.

Folder With CD Pocket

A folder with a CD pocket lets you more effectively market towards your tech-savvy clients.

Folders for Tech-Savvy Clients

If you have clients who want everything digital, you can still effectively market to them using presentation folders. Outfit your folder with a CD slot or flash drive slot — you can provide these clients with what they want without losing the branding opportunities and face-to-face interactions that you get when using printed materials.

Folders for Loyal Clients

Every client wants to feel like he or she is the only one you care about, so use folders that make your clients feel pampered and special. Folders with a die cut window on the front show a preview of what’s inside — and if what’s inside is your client’s name or company logo, it makes them feel important and cared for. Meanwhile, you didn’t have to create a personalized folder to illicit such a response and you can use the same design with other clients to achieve the same results.

Serpentine Cut Folder

Your clients get tired of seeing the same old presentation tools, so show off your uniqueness with a serpentine cut.

Folders for Seasoned Clients

Most clients have seen a folder before and many see multiple folders on a daily basis. If you want to get these clients to pay attention, you have to give them something different and unique that speaks to the personality of your business. Customize your pocket folders with a serpentine cut opening or diagonal shaped pockets for added flair. A gatefold folder opens from the middle to make for a memorable presentation experience. Any little thing that keeps your client’s attention and sets you apart from the pack is beneficial.

The more familiar you are with a client, the better you can directly market to them. Before meeting with a new client, try to find out as much as possible about their values and attitudes so you can select the most effective folder design. Once you’ve signed a client, it’s your responsibility to best suit their needs.

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