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Presentation Folder Printing (Topic) - Blog Posts

This page is a list of blog posts about presentation folders and folder printing. For a list of folder products, see Presentation Folder Printing.

14 Beautiful Business Card Slots for Presentation Folders

14 Beautiful Business Card Slots for Presentation Folders

When you have a cool-looking business card design and an equally cool two-pocket presentation folder to put it in, the last thing you want to do is just stick it loose inside one of the pockets. Instead, stick that sucker right on the presentation folder itself like a badge of honor using folder slits. It's the perfect finishing touch to make your paper folder both functional and fashionable. Folders with business card slots When you order from Company Folders, business card slots are … [Read more...]

Interview: Rade Stjepanovic, Our 2014 Folder Design Contest Winner

Interview: Rade Stjepanovic, Our 2014 Folder Design Contest Winner

We're very pleased to announce this year's winner of our folder design contest is Rade Stjepanovic, a talented graphic designer from Jacksonville, Florida. Rade is a graduate of the University of North Florida as well as Florida State College at Jacksonville. His designs have won awards from the American Advertising Federation of Jacksonville as well as several scholarships and grants. Currently, he works for CFI Marketing and is a member of the prestigious American Institute of Graphic … [Read more...]

How to Use Our Free Folder Mockup Templates

How to Use Our Free Folder Design Mockup Templates

Our 100% free folder mockup templates allow you to create a beautiful, realistic image of how your folder design will look after it's been printed and constructed. They compliment many of our presentation folders and two pocket folders. You can use mockup templates to: Test and preview your folder design before sending it to a printer Send a design to a current or potential client for review Display your design in a web portfolio or on a personal website Create a folder design from … [Read more...]

How to Use Our Folder Design Templates

How to Use Our Folder Design Templates

Company Folders' pocket folder design templates are free to download and customize however you like. To help out, we've assembled a handy guide to downloading, modifying, and drawing inspiration from our folder design templates. Finding & Downloading Templates All of our folder design templates can be found on the Company Folders website by clicking "Design Templates" in the footer area. Here are a few examples: Colorful Church Welcome Packet Folder Template The Golf … [Read more...]

How to Use Our Die Cut Templates

How to Use Our Die Cut Templates

When you order a Company Folders product, our die-cut templates act as your canvas when you construct your artwork. If you've download your desired template but need help editing it or applying your design, let this handy tutorial be your guide. Step 1: Open or place the die-cut template in the program of your choice. If you are using Adobe Illustrator, you can simply open the template file directly. However, when saving your project, make sure you do not overwrite the original … [Read more...]

Interview: Lester Hutt of BevShots, Our Folder Design Contest Winner

Interview: Lester Hutt of BevShots, Our Folder Design Contest Winner

We've received many fantastic submissions to the Folder Design Gallery, and we're proud to announce the very first winner of our yearly folder design contest: BevShots, a company that turns microscopic photographs of alcoholic beverages into gorgeous works of art. Their award winning folder design exemplifies a truly unique take on surreal artwork, inspired by tiny details in the natural world around us. We spoke with BevShots president Lester Hutt about the remarkable creative process behind … [Read more...]

Only a Few Days Left to Enter Our Folder Design Contest!

Only a Few Days Left to Enter This Quarter’s Folder Design Contest!

Your mother might have told you that nobody likes a show-off, but when you're a designer, it's your job to show the world just what you can do. We opened up the Folder Design Gallery so that designers would have a place to promote their artwork, but we thought we could do even more to salute the hard-working designers out there who are changing the game with their remarkable custom folders. So we decided to sweeten the deal. Each year, we pick our favorite folder design; the winner … [Read more...]

Are These 18 Presentation Folder Mistakes Costing You Money?

Are These 18 Presentation Folder Mistakes Costing You Money?

When you make one mistake while designing and printing presentation folders, you're likely actually making over 500 mistakes—because the error will show up on every folder you print. To save yourself the cost of an entirely new print job, be sure to avoid these common design mistakes and printing pitfalls to produce the best folder possible. Creating a Design 1. Using two PMS colors when one will do If your PMS design uses different tones of the same color, you'll save money by using a … [Read more...]

9 Stylish Folder & Brochure Folds for Print Designers

9 Stylish Folder & Brochure Folds for Print Designers

The reason paper makes for such a versatile medium is its ability to transform into something entirely different. As a child, you probably created airplanes, miniature footballs, or fortune tellers through paper folding techniques. Likewise, with a wide variety of folder and brochure folds, a single sheet of paper stock can become a cool tri-panel folder, a fancy multi-page brochure or practically any other form of print marketing. When creating marketing media, there are many different types … [Read more...]

21 Tips for Working With Your Folder Printer

For first-time buyers, the process of ordering custom presentation folders can be a bit confusing. Choosing the wrong option or neglecting a crucial design element can increase production time and cost for your folders and leave you with an inferior product. Your folder printer should be able to walk you through any aspect you're unfamiliar with, but your best bet for the perfect product is to know how to best work with your printer beforehand. Using a Template Make sure you understand … [Read more...]

What to Look for in a Folder Printer

What to Look for in a Folder Printer

When you hire a babysitter for the first time, you never choose them at random. You evaluate them on specific criteria: experience, personality, recommendations from others, and so on. It's important to take these things into account because you're trusting another person with something precious: the well-being of a child. On some level, choosing a printer for your business's presentation folders is based on a similar principle. Your company's image and reputation are of vital importance, and … [Read more...]

Tips for Designing and Printing 4-Color Process Folders

Tips for Designing and Printing 4-Color Process Folders

From the name alone, you might think that 4-color process means that you're limited to only using four colors in your design. In truth, it allows you to use more colors in your folder design than any other available imprint method. 4-color process printing reproduces the colors in your design by mixing different quantities of cyan, magenta, yellow and black (CMYK) ink. The ink is mixed during the printing process itself, much like a color printer from your home or office. This differs from … [Read more...]

How to Achieve the Most Eco-Friendly Folder

How to Achieve the Most Eco-Friendly Folder

Paper is a renewable resource that can be easily recycled, yet paper products like presentation folders have an unfair reputation for being ecologically unfriendly. Paper manufacturers replant more trees than they harvest, helping to grow new forests and ecosystems. Meanwhile, in 2009 it was reported that over 63% of paper products used in the US were later recycled. Ultimately, paper folders are okay to use as long as you make ecologically responsible choices. If you want to create a paper … [Read more...]

5 Custom Tax File Folders for an Orderly Office

5 Custom Tax File Folders for an Orderly Office

For accountants and tax preparers, a small mistake can quickly become a huge headache and a possible IRS audit for their clients. Most accountants know that tax file folders help minimize the amount of small mistakes made. However, you may not realize that there are more options than just the standard design for tax folders. Breaking out of the typical mode is the best way to utilize these folders for the success of your business and your clients. Different Folders Need Different … [Read more...]

A Complete Guide to Presentation Folders with Brochure Slits

A Complete Guide to Presentation Folders with Brochure Slits

The best marketing collateral has a place for everything and everything in its place. A presentation folder with a brochure slit demonstrates this principle by providing a spot for your informational brochures and pamphlets. Without a dedicated location for these materials, they would move around inside your folder and end up looking disheveled and unprofessional. If you're not yet familiar with brochure slits, then get to know more about this useful marketing tool. What is a Brochure … [Read more...]

7 Essentials for Designing Travel Document Folders

7 Essentials for Designing Travel Document Folders

The travel industry is filled with tickets, key cards, maps and countless other important small-sized documents and objects. Travel document folders not only provide a safe place to keep these vital tidbits, they offer an attractive option for presenting these travel materials to your clients. Provide Useful Information You want your clients to see you as an authority in the industry, so display your expertise by including useful information in your folder design. A list of travel tips, … [Read more...]

The Complete Guide to Custom Presentation Folders

Tri-Fold Marketing Folder

At first glance, presentation folders seem simple -- a custom designed marketing tool used to store important documents. However, they become more complex when you start to take into consideration all the many different types of folders, stocks, inks, accessories and overall design options there are to choose from. Fortunately, we've come up with a handy roadmap to help make you a more informed consumer of presentation folders. An Introduction to Presentation Folders What is a Pocket … [Read more...]

7 Great Marketing Alternatives to Presentation Folders

7 Great Marketing Alternatives to Presentation Folders

Although presentation folders are handy marketing tools, they're only one dish in a vast smorgasbord of promotional materials. There are several alternatives to presentation folders that also offer storage for your documents and plenty of customization options. However, these materials each have their own unique flavor that brings something new to the table.   Binders A binder is a slightly bigger, slightly sturdier folder with a three-ring mechanism inside to bind pages together. … [Read more...]

5 File Folders for Real Estate Rock Stars

Vertical Pocket File Folder

Although a file folder may not be as flashy or as well accessorized as its cousin the presentation folder, it's a crucial tool for the success of many types of businesses-- especially real estate. Using real estate file folders can give you a leg up on the competition as long as you know what kind of file folders are best to use in certain situations. From sparking a client's interest to closing the deal, here's just a few ways you can utilize different file folders in real estate. Vertical … [Read more...]

How to Design Presentation Folders That Help You Sell Real Estate

Real Estate Presentation Folder

Success in the real estate industry is dependent on image - both the image of the properties for sale and the image of the realtor selling them. A real estate folder is a simple accessory that can really go a long way towards improving your image to clients. The real estate industry is heavy on contracts and paperwork. Real estate folders keep you organized and look more appealing to clients than a stack of loose papers. To find success using real estate presentation folders, you have to pick … [Read more...]

4 Foil Stamp Options That Make Your Folders Look Fancy

Holographic Foil

Sometimes when you want your presentation folder to make a big impact, traditional ink printing just won’t do. Foil stamp folders are an alternative option that creates a textural and visual effect simulating metal, plastic or other materials. Presentation folders foil is usually added to an embossed image or text to make the details pop off the page. However, foil can be added to any folder design to create an effect that is both classy and chic. Knowing your foil stamping options gives you … [Read more...]

How to Save the Earth with Recycled Presentation Folders

Unnecessary Paper Waste

If you don't want to see the last 15% of the world's forests clearcut or fragmented for use as commercial timber, choose recycled folders instead of those made with virgin fibers. In our eco-conscious society, it's important for businesses to show that they are ecologically responsible. In fact, companies who promote green practices generally have a better reputation with consumers than those who don't take the effort. If you're exploring the idea of reducing your company's environmental … [Read more...]

5 Dazzling Die Cut Designs for Presentation Folders

Die Cut Window Folder

To design creative folders that are a cut above the competition, consider adding one of the many available die cut options. Die cutting is a process where a portion of the paper stock is cut away to create a visual effect that is also tactile. Since die cut options are completely customizable, the only limit is your imagination. However, even the most imaginative of folder designers can use some inspiration every now and then. Check out the following examples of die cut presentation folder … [Read more...]

5 Tax Presentation Folders That Keep You Organized

Embossed Presentation Folder

Income tax season is a stressful time of year, which is why an accountant should do everything they can to make sure their clients feel comfortable and confident that their taxes are in good hands. Tax presentation folders help relieve the stress of tax season by making better organized people out of you and your clients. The best way to be successful using customized tax return folders is to choose the design and style that is right for your client's needs. Pocket Folders Pocket folders … [Read more...]

The 6 Advantages of Corporate Presentation Folders

Corporate Folder With Branding

If a corporation is a machine made up of different parts all working together for the same goal, then corporate presentation folders are the motor oil that keeps those parts working smoothly and efficiently. Business presentation folders can be so much more than just a convenient place to store your files if you take the time to learn how to best use them at every level of your corporation. Stay Efficient From accounting to your HR department, corporate presentation folders keep your … [Read more...]

4 Efficient CPA Presentation Folder Ideas

Being a successful CPA is about more than just being good with numbers--it's about staying organized. If you're not using CPA presentation folders, then chances are you either have photographic memory or you're buried under a pile of documents. However, tax return folders for accountants can do more than just keep your desk free from clutter-- they can help you improve all aspects of your business to make you a lean, mean, number crunching machine. Consider the following ways that CPA … [Read more...]

How to Add Your Logo to a Custom Folder

Foil Stamped Folder

If your company was a living person, your logo would be its face-- the visual component that people associate with its identity. Logo presentation folders put your company's face out there for the world to see and help with brand retention and awareness. Creating custom folders with a logo is easy when you know what options are available to you. … [Read more...]

Why Should You Print Your Folder in Full Color?

Dynamic Full Color Folder

When we see something for the first time we often focus on the whole picture instead of inspecting the details. Full color pocket folders make it possible for the whole picture to be vibrant and engaging to the eye so that recipients will want to find out what's inside. Printing in full color has a number of advantages that will make your folder the best possible presentation tool for your needs. … [Read more...]

5 Reasons Why Glossy is Glorious for Presentation Folders

Glossy Folder Full-Color Photo

You would never want somebody to consider your presentation dull—so why risk using a dull material in your presentation folder? Glossy folder printing produces a shiny surface that catches the eye and feels smooth to the touch. A gloss presentation folder invokes the high-quality aesthetic of a photograph, magazine or catalog and provides a textural finish with a number of advantages over matte or satin finishes. Here are just a few reasons why you might want to consider printing glossy … [Read more...]

Letter vs Legal Size Folders

Using Both Folder Sizes

Like any bi-partisan issue, the debate between letter size vs legal size presentation folders has support on both sides. Most people select their folder size without hesitation, depending on their particular business needs. After all, a salesperson uses letter size while a lawyer uses legal, right? But what if it's not that easy? What if you're missing out on what the other side has to offer? Take a closer look at these two folder sizes and decide for yourself which one would best help you to … [Read more...]

How to Create Distinctive Branded Folders

Branded Folder With Slogan

Your brand is like your company's fingerprints-it's what makes you unique over every other company in your field. Therefore, you want your fingerprints on everything that represents your company, including presentation folders. Create a bigger impact by focusing on your brand identity in your custom folder designs. Branded folders should reflect your company's values, image and company message so that customers can get to know you a little better. Making an Impact with a Logo The first … [Read more...]

How to Use Sales Folders to Help You Seal the Deal

Sales Folder With Branding

It doesn't matter whether you sell real estate or rutabagas-you never know when you'll have the opportunity for a potential sale. If everything you need to make a sale is contained in a sales folder, you're always ready to seal the deal. Custom sales folder designs put your company in the spotlight and can help you be more successful when selling your product. However, you first need to know what to incorporate into your design and how to best use the folder as a sales tool. … [Read more...]

The Ultimate Guide to Presentation Folder Styles

Gatefold Folder Design

Folder styles are unique like snowflakes in that no two custom presentation folders are ever alike. … [Read more...]

6 Designer Folder Accessories and Add-Ons

Folder with Stepped Inserts

A designer folder, like a designer dress, only looks better when it's paired with the right accessories. Some folder add-ons provide a functional purpose to your design, while others are purely for look. No matter what the purpose, an accessory can enhance your folder by adding a personalized touch, which allows it to be a more effective marketing tool. Here are some of the best add-on options available for your custom folder design. Index Tabs Add index tabs to your designer folders … [Read more...]

A Complete Guide to Designing Folders with CD or DVD Holders

Presentation Folder with CD Pocket

It's a common misconception that presentation folders are only good for storing physical media, such as documents, fliers, booklets and brochures. Presentation folders with a CD pocket make it possible for your digital media to look just as attractive and professional as your physical media. … [Read more...]

4 Essential Tips For Successful Presentation Folder Marketing

Tri-Fold Marketing Folder

In marketing you have to find a way to say a lot in a small amount of space. In that respect a marketing folder is a bit of a cheat sheet-it's a small amount of space that can contain a large amount of information. By using this dual nature to your own advantage, you'll find that presentation folders can be a powerful tool in getting the word out on your company. Using Marketing Folders Effectively Marketing presentation folders aren't just a place for you to store marketing media-they are … [Read more...]

What Presentation Folder Size is Right for You?

Landscape Presentation Folder Design

Forget what you may have heard otherwise- size does matter. Presentation folder size is a crucial aspect for both aesthetic and functional reasons. If your pocket folder dimensions are too small, the folder won't be able to hold all of your documents. If the folder printing size is too big, it will draw attention away from the documents inside. Your business may even require multiple presentation folder sizes to suit all of your different document needs. When selecting your presentation … [Read more...]

What Should You Look for in an Eco-Friendly Folder?

Eco Friendly Folder

Running an eco-friendly company means finding ways to go green in every aspect of your business-including your presentation tools. A green folder may not seem like it has much of an environmental impact, but it will greatly reduce your company's paper waste and carbon footprint. The next time you order presentation folders, consider these eco friendly options. Recycled Materials When it comes time to choose a paper or linen stock option for your presentation folders, select an option made … [Read more...]

6 Tips to Prevent a Presentation Folder Design Disaster

Folder on Wrong Stock

You don't have to be a skilled artist to design a presentation folder, but you do need to know how to make an impact visually.  You may have been taught to never judge a book by its cover, but that doesn't mean your clients will follow the same advice. If the presentation folder design is off-putting to your clients, then the information inside the folder will not be taken seriously. However, improving the design of your presentation folder is easy when you know what mistakes to … [Read more...]

6 Awesome Paper and Linen Stocks for Your Presentation Folders

Example of Felt Stock

You've painstakingly designed your paper presentation folder so that it accurately portrays your goals and mission statement. You've selected a color scheme that best suits your company's image and a style that fits your organizational needs. It's almost time to order, but there's only one more factor left to decide-what kind of paper or linen stock to use. The world of paper goes far beyond spiral notebooks and photocopy machines-there's a whole world of awesome paper and linen document … [Read more...]

5 Reasons Why the Best Lawyers Use Legal Folders

Lawyer With Legal Folder

Put yourself into your client's shoes. If you had to hire a lawyer, would you hire the lawyer who uses legal folders to stay organized or the lawyer who is always fumbling around in his briefcase for papers? It doesn't matter if the messy lawyer never loses a case-the client is always going to feel more comfortable with the lawyer who has it all together. Clients associate a professional look with competency and legal folders will make you look professional. However, you can't become a better … [Read more...]

How to Pick the Best File Folders for the Right Occasion

File Folder With Tab

It’s easy to overlook something as simple as a file folder. Even the best file folders are meant to be tucked away in a filing cabinet, only to be brought out when needed. Even if a file folder spends the majority of its life in a drawer, you should still get the most out of it when you do bring it out. However, you can’t do so unless you know how to pick the right folder for the right occasion. Best File Folder for a Work Portfolio You always want to make a good first impression when … [Read more...]

What is a Pocket Folder?

An example of a serpentine cut pocket folder.

A pocket folder is a useful tool for keeping important documents organized, as well as presenting them to others in a professional way. Also known as "presentation folders," pocket folders specifically include one or more pockets and may be made from paper, vinyl, or other materials. You might think that a product with such a simple definition would also be, by definition, a simple product. However, there is a greater level of complexity to pocket folders than just what’s on the surface. … [Read more...]