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5 Ways to Give Your Business Proposal a Makeover

Whether you’re looking to start a new business or seeking potential investors for an existing business, a business proposal is your ticket to success. Using a business proposal template will help you make sure that you include all the pertinent information. However, you need more than just the straight facts to attract investors.

Part of knowing how to prepare a business proposal is in knowing how to make it aesthetically pleasing. A good-looking proposal resonates with investors and will help you to stick out in the crowd. Here are just a few ways you can add some more pizzazz to your proposal.

Graphics for a Buisness Proposal

Add graphics and images to break up the monotony of your business proposal.

Pepper in Some Pictures

Don’t be afraid to break away from your business proposal template to add some pictures whenever applicable. For example, you want to include concept pictures of a future product or a proposed business space. If you’re including testimonials, add a photo of the person being quoted for a greater level of legitimacy. Using pictures sporadically will allow them to have a greater visual impact.

Break Up the Statistics

The numbers are important to a business proposal, but not even investors want to look at page after page of statistics. Break up the financial information into smaller pieces so that you can easily disperse it throughout the business proposal template. Whenever possible, try to sum up the numbers into an easy-to-read chart or graphic.

Business Proposal/Plan Presentation Folder

Putting your business proposal in a presentation folder can you look more professional. Original 2 Pocket Presentation Folder (SKU: 08-01).

Utilize a Presentation Folder

Never underestimate the power of a good presentation folder when making an impact. Not only will you look professional and confident, the folder itself can be custom designed to help demonstrate your company’s image. Having all your information neatly organized in a presentation folder tells investors that you’re ready to do business.

Keep it Simple

You probably have a million business proposal ideas that you want to include, but focus on the key points that are going to land the deal. Trim the fat whenever possible and hire an editor to help tighten up the language. You don’t want to be terse, but you also don’t want to waste anybody’s time.

Successful Business Proposal

Tell the story of your company in your business proposal to land the deal.

Tell a Story

People love to indulge in novels, newspapers and magazines whereas business proposals are usually not considered a compelling read. Organize your information like a story if you want to make it look like a real page-turner. The sections are chapters, the testimonials are character dialogue and the pictures are illustrations. Your business proposal should tell the story of your company and engage readers to take action.

Aesthetic quality is important in a business proposal, but not at the cost of your message. When in doubt, refer to your business proposal template to make sure you don’t stray too far from a traditional proposal outline.

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