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5 Design Tips for Auto Service Document Holders

Most automobile glove boxes are filled with an assortment of papers — from registration documents and car manuals to tune-up schedules and oil change punch cards. A car document holder helps the documents from your automobile company stand out above the rest of those papers, and ensures that your clients can always find what they are looking for. Designing a holder for auto documents is easy if you have a clear idea of what your business offers and how it differs from the competition.

Car Dealership Document Holder/Folder

Use a logo, slogan and color scheme to create a brand identity in your document holder design.

Show Off Your Brand

Your folder design should be an extension of your brand identity, so incorporate logos, mottos, slogans and company colors. If you’re the owner of a dealership or an auto insurance agent, then you are your own brand, so you might want to include a picture of yourself. If your company is associated with a well known brand, such as a car manufacturer or national insurance agency, then you should incorporate that brand into your design to strengthen your identity.

Engage and Excite Visually

Much of communication is visual, so use photos and other images in your design. If you sell a product associated with cars, you want to put this product in the best light by showing it in action. If you sell a service, your visuals should show the results of using your service. For example, an insurance agent would want pictures of safe drivers and happy families, while an auto repair shop might show a before and after photo from their past work.

Car Sales Document Holder/Folder

Add useful information to your design to show off your expertise in the field.

Be Informative

Your clients come to you for their automobile solutions because they require the assistance of an expert and trained professional. One way to show that you’re the solution to their needs is by adding informative material to your document holder design. Add a list of automobile safety tips or easy maintenance instructions directly onto the folder to display your expertise to your clientele. By making the folder itself a valuable tool, you help to increase the likelihood of a customer holding onto it, which strengthens the quality of your brand.

Add a Foil Stamped Effect

Foil stamping gives your custom document holder a textural look that simulates the aesthetics of a car. Metallic foil catches the light like a chrome grill or rims, which make your design look thrilling and luxurious. Non-metallic foil is another option which looks sleek and colorful, much like automobile paint. Either foil effect will grab your customer’s attention and place your company in its best light.

Car Document Holder/Folder

Include your contact information so that both new and existing customers can reach you.

Be Marketable

Your document holders are going to be seen by more than just existing clientele, so use your best marketing strategies to make the design promote your business. Add contact information and a business card slit so that clients – and their family, friends and co-workers – can always reach you if they have questions. Add a full list of services so that you can keep customers coming back for all their automotive needs. Consider adding testimonials from existing clients to show off how well you treat your customers.

Sometimes it’s the little things that set you apart from contemporaries in the automotive field. Document folders might just represent one percent of the quality service you offer, but that one percent can make all the difference in putting you on top.

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