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Custom Binder Printing (Topic) - Blog Posts

This page is a list of blog posts about binder printing and creating custom business binders. For a list of binder products, see Custom Printed Binders.

How to Use Our Die Cut Templates

How to Use Our Die Cut Templates

When you order a Company Folders product, our die-cut templates act as your canvas when you construct your artwork. If you've download your desired template but need help editing it or applying your design, let this handy tutorial be your guide. Step 1: Open or place the die-cut template in the program of your choice. If you are using Adobe Illustrator, you can simply open the template file directly. However, when saving your project, make sure you do not overwrite the original … [Read more...]

All About Embossed Binders

If you've ever run your hand across a raised watermark on an official document, then you can understand why embossed binders are so effective. An embossed element encourages your audience to touch and interact with your marketing materials. However, you can't just start stamping embossed elements all over your printed binders and hope it attracts new customers. You have to be aware of all the different options available to you and create a strategy that sets your binders apart from the … [Read more...]

How to Show Off Photography or Art with Custom Binders

How to Show Off Photography or Art with Custom Binders

When you work in a creative field like photography, art or design, you need to be able to easily show off your talent to prospective clients and customers. Art presentation binders can be easily customized to fit your artistic sensibilities and allow you to present and distribute your work in an attractive, organized way. Here are just a few different ways artists can use presentation binders to get their work noticed. Decorate Binders with Art If you want clients and customers to thumb … [Read more...]

Custom Binders 101

Custom Binders 101

For many business professionals, a binder is simply a piece of office equipment used to stay organized--but there's more to these useful tools than what's on the surface. Not only does a custom binder keep important documents safe and secure, they can also help to promote your business, build up your brand identity and attract new customers. Find out all the best ways to design and utilize binders by reading these hand-selected articles from our collection of resources. Binder … [Read more...]

Why Use Slip Cases for Custom Binders?

Why Use Slip Cases for Custom Binders?

To the uninitiated, slip cases for custom binders might seem like an extraneous design choice -- after all, who needs a binder for their binder? The answer is that you do, at least if you want to ensure that you're getting the most out of your 3-ring binders. Slip cases are about more than just the added aesthetic; they also provide additional organizational options and help to extend the longevity of your binder. If you're curious about adding slip cases to your custom binders, consider all … [Read more...]

5 Things to Look for in a Durable Presentation Binder

5 Things to Look for in a Durable Presentation Binder

Nobody wants to have to replace something they bought due to inferior craftsmanship — therefore, heavy duty binders are your best bet if you want a durable marketing tool that lasts a long time. Wear-and-tear is unfortunately par for the course, so your binder should be able to withstand the normal weathering that afflicts any printed marketing tool. If you don’t know what makes a binder durable, here are a few things to look for to help you make the best possible purchasing … [Read more...]

How to Make Your Presentation Binder Stand Out in a Crowd

How to Make Your Presentation Binder Stand Out in a Crowd

Presentation binders can help your company stand out above the crowd -- however, don't assume you're the only fish in the business pond that uses them. Unique binders with eye-catching designs are the best way to ensure that your company is breaking away from the competition and forging a distinctive identity. Here are just a few design choices to consider if you want to create unique presentation binders that are truly one of a kind. Using Visual Imagery The easiest way to stand out in a … [Read more...]

9 Ways to Make Binders Better

Customized Pocket Binder

You've created a masterful design that speaks to your company's personality and you're ready to turn heads with your custom printed binders - but your work isn't over yet. The best binders are the ones that go the extra mile in both function and fashion. If you want to optimize your binders so that they best represent your company's interests, there are a number of different ways to take that final step towards perfection. Binder Accessories The best binders have add-ons that help your … [Read more...]

How to Add Flourish to Custom Binders Using Pictures

A picture is worth a thousand words - so using the right pictures on your custom binders can add an abundance of information to your design without making it cluttered. Humans retain images better than we retain words or things that we've heard; therefore, it's crucial to have some sort of visual element in your binder design if you want to make an impact. Placement Matters Pictures can go anywhere on a binder that you think a visual touch is needed. The front and back covers are the most … [Read more...]

7 Custom Binder Ideas for Finance and Accounting

Financial Binder Design

Keeping accurate financial records is crucial to the success of a small business. Ledger binders keep businesses of all sizes running like clockwork by making financial records organized and easily accessible. The following ideas will help you make the most out of your accounting binders and help transform them from simple storage space to helpful business tools. Store More with Pockets Extra pockets give you additional room to store files. This is especially handy in situations where the … [Read more...]

4 Ideas for Designing Creative Presentation Binders

4 Ideas for Designing Creative Presentation Binders

When it comes to binders, it's easy to get stuck in a rut. There are a lot of unoriginal designs out there, making it tough to get inspired. And nobody can open up your head and put creative binder ideas directly into your brain -- you must draw from your own experiences and imagination. Luckily, you can get started by shopping our 70 styles of custom presentation binders -- and then using these four creative ideas to get your artistic juices flowing and your binders looking truly amazing. … [Read more...]

7 Presentation Folders That Are Perfect for Clients

Pocket Folder

Clients are the lifeblood of your business, so much of your company’s time and energy are spent seeking out new ones and keeping the ones you have happy and satisfied. Client presentation folders can be effective in marketing to new customers and reinforcing your company’s commitment to quality to your current clientele -- but it's crucial to use the right type of folder for your particular clients. If you aren’t sure what type of folder to use for a particular client, then pocket folders … [Read more...]

How to Create a Dynamic Project Binder

Custom Pocket Design

Has your company been putting off a big project because the logistics have left you with a headache? Use project binders to ease your suffering and make your next company project a successful one. Here are just a few considerations to include in the design of your binder to help achieve your goal efficiently and smoothly. Include Practical Design Functions A three-ring binder on its own is usually enough to hold all the information you need, but consider additional features that will help … [Read more...]

How to Create a Helpful and Efficient Medical Binder

Medical Binder

The reason why many patients prefer to see family doctors instead of visiting a hospital is because they know that a smaller practice will provide them with more personalized care. Medical binders are a great way to give your patients that extra level of care that they've come to expect from a family practice. Binders are the perfect informative tool to help patients through recovery, prepare for a medical procedure, deal with an illness or just start a new healthy lifestyle. If you're … [Read more...]

7 Custom Binders That Give Your Office an Advantage

Binder with Pockets

It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there for small businesses, which is why your company should use whatever extra help it can get to make it to the head of the pack. Custom 3-ring binders provide that little extra advantage that separates your business from the competition by making it much more organized and efficient. Pocket Binders The best corporate materials include pockets inside for maximum storage and design aesthetics. These are great for any miscellaneous material that you want to … [Read more...]

6 Signs of a High Quality Custom Binder

High Quality Binder Image

When people look for a high-quality product, they don't just want something that is well made and long lasting; they also want something that will look good. Custom binders portray a positive message about the caliber of your business - but only if they actually look professional. Consider the factors that go into making a high quality binder and design yours accordingly. High Quality Pictures The eye is naturally drawn to pictures and images before any text or other design elements. High … [Read more...]

7 Tips for Making Gorgeous Luxury Binders

Binder with Images

They say that you should dress for the job you want, not the job you have - in that case, your presentation binders should be dressed up for the company you want to become, while still representing the company you currently are. Designer binders can make even the smallest of businesses look big and important, projecting the image of luxury and success to your clients. Fortunately, you can design affordable binders that only look like a million bucks by using a few inexpensive techniques and … [Read more...]

A Complete Guide to Types of Custom Binders

Custom Vinyl Binder

With our many types of custom binders to choose from, you've got a wealth of creative options at your fingertips. But that can be a bit overwhelming for the uninitiated. You don't want to miss out on all the special features that are available to you or accidentally select a special feature you may not use. Knowing what options you have and what benefits each can offer will give you a greater degree of success when ordering a custom binder. Types of Binder Materials There are a number of … [Read more...]

The 5 Advantages of Presentation Binder Sleeves

Custom Binder Sleeves

A presentation binder without protective sleeves is naked and exposed, because there is nothing separating your presentation materials from potential spills, marks, scuffs and tears. Binder sleeves are pockets made from clear plastic with a reinforced edge that easily fits into a three-ring binder. Consider the following reasons why you should bring protective sleeves into the mix whenever you order custom binders. Protective Surface for Your Documents The basic function of presentation … [Read more...]

4 Tips for Designing 4-Color Custom Binders

4-Color CMYK Printing

Four-color custom binders are the best choice if you want to portray your business as modern, professional, and attractive. There are literally dozens of styles to choose from; you can shop more than seventy custom binders on our site to select the die-cut and manufacturing material that are best for you. Cool die-cuts and unique materials are a great start. But let's face it: even the coolest, best made binder won't magically fix a bad design. If you want to make the best impression on your … [Read more...]

6 Tips for Designing Custom Estate Planning Binders

Grieving Widow with Estate Planning Will

Due to the delicate nature of the business, custom estate planning binders have to be designed with the utmost attention to the needs of your clients. They should help your clients handle the sensitive issue of preparing for their own death and offer peace of mind to their families when they pass away. Follow these guidelines to ensure that your printed binders are not only practical, but that they give potential clients the best impression of your law firm. Less Promotional, More … [Read more...]

6 Great Custom Legal Binder Ideas

Courtroom Trial with Custom Legal Binder

Custom legal binders do all of the organizational heavy lifting for you, freeing up your mind to focus on the case itself. However, if you order the same binder for every aspect of your law firm, you're not utilizing this tool to its full potential. There are several types of binders to choose from, and some may be better-suited to one aspect of law than others. For best results, choose your binder design according to its intended use. Shop more than 70 different custom 3-ring binders to … [Read more...]

6 Advantages of Business Proposal Binders

Business Proposal Meeting

There's no reason to be nervous when giving a business proposal, not if you come prepared to use every trick up your sleeve to win over potential investors. Proposal binders are like the ace in the hole-- they may not guarantee victory but they can definitely put the odds in your favor. Consider the many different ways that custom printed binders improve your chances of securing financing for your next big project. Show Off Your Brand and Product The custom design of your binder can help … [Read more...]

5 Design Ideas for Sales Presentation Binders

Different Binder Designs

Even the most charming, likeable, friendly salesperson needs to be able to explain to a customer why their product or service is the best choice. Custom sales presentation binders help you to get this information across in a way that's easy to understand. However, much of the success of your binder comes from its design. Without the right look and features your binder can actually work against your interests. Here are five design choices for your binders that can help you increase the … [Read more...]

6 Tips for Designing Custom Binders for Presentations

Simple Binder Design

Sometimes it's the little things that can make you successful in a business presentation--the way you carry yourself, the clothing you wear and even the design of your display binders. One look at your binder can tell the audience a wealth of information about you and the message you're selling. When designing your custom presentation binders, consider these tips to maximize your odds of making a connection with your audience. Select Simple Design Choices You don't want your binder to … [Read more...]

5 Awesome Design Ideas for a Custom CD/DVD Binder

Customized CD Pocket

When you think about it, a CD or DVD has a lot in common with a binder—both have colorful, attractive covers on the outside and a wealth of information on the inside. Combining these two resources lets you create an amazing multimedia presentation, especially when you use a CD/DVD binder. CD/DVD binders provide the best of both worlds by storing papers and electronic data. With so much important info in one place, you have to create a binder design that's worthy to contain it all. Browse our … [Read more...]

6 Tips for Creating Compelling Report Binders

Visual Report Binder

You always strive to look your best when giving a business report-shouldn't your report binders do the same? You have two options when designing presentation binders: you can either take the easy route, creating drab designs in the hopes of looking professional, or you can customize your binder so that it's both classy and compelling. Opt for imagination and intrigue the next time you design a binder for business reports. Use Enough Visuals to Stay Interesting Your report binders need a … [Read more...]

5 Stylish Ideas for Custom Binder Dividers and Tabs

Tab Binder Dividers

Designing a custom binder without matching custom binder dividers is like making a peanut butter sandwich without jelly. Sure, you can technically have one without the other, but why would you ever bother? Without jelly, a peanut butter sandwich tastes somewhat dry and hard to swallow—which is exactly how your binder information will come across if you don’t have dividers and tabs to help break it up into easily digestible pieces. Organize With Color Coded System The tabs on custom binder … [Read more...]

The 6 Elements of an Eco-Friendly Binder

Eco Friendly Binder

Whoever said that it's not easy being green never realized how easily a business can cut back on waste by deciding to go green with their binders. In the United States, we use roughly 208 million tons of paper products and generate 31 million tons of plastic and vinyl waste a year. With eco friendly binders, your business can do its part to help reduce these numbers. When you're shopping for green binders, there are a number of factors that you need to consider to minimize your impact on the … [Read more...]

7 Special Situations Where a Custom Binder is Vital

7 Special Situations Where a Custom Binder is Vital

The life of a small business is nothing but a collection of little moments that come together to make a big impact. Like dropping a pebble into a pond and creating ripples, specialty binders can turn these small moments into big opportunities. The best time to implement a special binder is whenever it can produce the best results for your business. Here are just a few good opportunities to implement custom binders. Business Presentations Specialty binders come in handy during a business … [Read more...]