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A Complete Guide to Designing Folders with CD or DVD Holders

It’s a common misconception that presentation folders are only good for storing physical media, such as documents, fliers, booklets and brochures. Presentation folders with a CD pocket make it possible for your digital media to look just as attractive and professional as your physical media.

A presentation folder with a CD holder is a cheaper, more eco-friendly alternative to a plastic disc case. Best of all, presentation folders with CD cases can be customized to provide the same information that a traditional CD case would provide.

Custom Printed CD/DVD Sleeve

A custom printed folder with a CD/DVD sleeve and pocket (SKU: 26-06).

Designing Presentation Folders with CD Holders

Presentation folders with a CD pocket can be custom tailored to your particular needs. With a number of stock, ink and foil colors to choose from, you can convey any kind of mood that suits your image. Add pictures and text to give the recipients of your CD more information about its contents. For audio CDs, provide a track listing for better navigation. Data CDs should provide any technical instructions the recipient might need to install and view the content.

Designing Presentation Folders with DVD Holders

Physically, there isn’t any difference between presentation folders with a DVD slot and folders with CD slots; however, your design should have different considerations. DVD is a visual medium, so presentation folders with DVD sleeves should be designed with that in mind. Adding screenshots directly from the presentation folder’s DVD gives the recipient a better idea of what to expect when they watch it. If there are chapters on the DVD, be sure to include a chapter listing on the back or on the presentation folder’s DVD holder.

Small Presentation Folders with Disc Sleeve

5x9 Presentation Folder w/ CD/DVD Sleeve

A Small Folder with a CD Sleeve (SKU: 26-48).

Sometimes a disc alone is not enough to tell your story-in which case, order small presentation folders with a CD pocket. The extra space provides you the option to add more materials to the information packet, while still letting the disc be the star of the show. The additional folder space gives you more design options to express your personality and share your ideas.

Creative Marketing Ideas

Don’t be afraid to get a little creative when designing your presentation folders with CD holders. Here are just a few clever ways to market with CD/DVD packaging.

  • Create a minimalist design that entices the recipient to listen to the CD or play the DVD to find out what it contains.
  • Order custom labels for your discs to match the style of your presentation folder with DVD slot.
  • Instead of a disc, use the CD sleeve of your presentation folders to store round-shaped info sheets.

Presentation folders come in many sizes. Its is to provide valuable information in a small amount of space. However, presentation folders with a CD pocket can hold a near-infinite amount of information, making them a more effective marketing tool.

This post is a part of our Presentation Folders 101 product guide.

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