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Attorney Folders

Like any other business, your law firm is a brand. When your attorneys give documents to a client, those papers should come in a presentation folder that projects expertise and efficacy. Whether you're a corporate lawyer dealing with mergers and acquisitions or a personal injury attorney handling lawsuits and litigations around accidents and deaths, you generate a lot of paper. Keep documents organized and share them with clients in attractive covers that make an expert, professional impression.

Browse Presentation Folders by Type

Letter Size Folders Letter Size Folders

Give clients and counsel an attractive way to corral correspondence and other 9x12 documents.

Legal Size Folders Legal Size Folders

Holds any 8.5 x 14 documents such as briefs, interrogatories, motions, adjournments, contracts, etc.

File Folders File Folders

Create files to organize all of your different legal and background documents by client and by type.

Legal File Folders Legal File Folders

Give clients documents for review and signature in branded 9x14 folders.

Expandable Folders Expandable Folders

Case documents can increase quickly and high capacity folders give you room to accommodate a growing stack of them.

Document Holders Document Holders

Select a document holder that suits how you like to organize, carry, and present important papers.


Popular Folders for Lawyers


Printed Law Firm Folder Designs



Customization Tips & Ideas

Business Card Slots Business Card Slots — Ensure clients can reach their attorneys by adding a space for each practitioner to personalize documents with their business card.
Stepped InsertsStepped Inserts — Break up bulk information into easy-to-find sections. These are great for marketing or instructions, such as what clients need to know for court appearances.
Foil Stamping Foil Stamping — Metallic foils are an elegant touch that stands out and imparts a sense of prestige to your law firm.
Tabs Tabs — Select color coded file tabs to sort documents into types such as correspondence, pleadings, expenses, expert reports, transcripts.
WindowsWindows — These reusable folders provide flexibility to personalize papers. The window shows document cover pages with client name, case number or other identifying data.
Gloss Coating Gloss Coating — Protect your presentation folder from smearing and scuffs while adding an attractive shine that makes artwork pop.

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