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Why Should You Print Your Folder in Full Color?

When we see something for the first time we often focus on the whole picture instead of inspecting the details. Full color pocket folders make it possible for the whole picture to be vibrant and engaging to the eye so that recipients will want to find out what’s inside. Printing in full color has a number of advantages that will make your folder the best possible presentation tool for your needs.

Using full color printing can achieve dynamic design results (SKU: 08-55).

Dynamic Design Possibilities

The best aspect of a folder printed in full color is the sheer amount of graphic design possibilities that are open to you. Full color makes your photographs pop and your logos leap off the page. Full color gives you the freedom to create visual-heavy folder designs or colorful text effects that catch the eye.

Show Off Your Product

The rule of thumb for storytelling is show, don’t tell. Full color pocket folders give you the opportunity to show more of your product through pictures, instead of just telling customers about how great it is. If your business offers a service instead of a product, a few color pictures of happy customers and friendly staff can make all the difference.

Show off your product with detailed full color photographs and images (SKU: 08-52).

Mass Appeal

Do you remember how exciting it was to see Dorothy leave her sepia-colored Kansas home and step into the full color world of Oz? Color excites our senses and stimulates our imaginations, which is why full color presentation folders have greater mass appeal. A greater range of color in your design creates a dynamic look that makes folders more engaging to your audience.

Color Branding

Never underestimate the power of color when it comes to branding. If you went to buy a soda, you would be able to tell the difference between a Coke and a Pepsi by label color alone. Full color pocket folders allow your company to express its brand identity through a particular color scheme. Successful color branding means would need to only glance at the color of your folder to know what company it represents.

Use ink in lieu of stock to add a splash of color to your presentation folder (SKU: 08-29).

Alternative to Color Stock

Although colored stocks are available, more colors are available through full-color printing. If you want your folder to be colored bright green but can’t find an appropriate match, you can always use a white colored stock and color it with ink to achieve your desired effect. Colored stock also alters the color of the ink that you use because the ink is translucent and the color of the stock will bleed through. This causes the ink to be washed out, making it difficult to read text or creating color effects you didn’t want. Printing a color background on white stock gives you the truest shade of the color that you desire.

Full color presentation folders can make a bold statement, but they aren’t always the best choice. Full color presents your design in a vibrant, playful way but that may not always suit the tone of your business. Consider other printing options if you want your presentation folder to have a more muted tone or a different attitude altogether.

This post is a part of our Presentation Folders 101 product guide.

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