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Folder Case Study: Fracassi & Associates

Folder Case Study: Fracassi & AssociatesImagine buying a new car, only to discover that the fender was completely crooked. Chances are that you wouldn’t simply shrug it off and drive it home; you’d want the car that you paid for. Naturally, the same is true of your marketing materials.

Company Folders is dedicated to upholding the highest standards of quality in all that we do. So when an unexpected mishap made some of Fracassi & Associates’ folders unusable, we were determined to make things right.

The Problem

Fracassi & Associates is a public accounting firm serving hundreds of loyal clients in the area of Orlando, Florida. Last January, the company placed an order with Company Folders for custom printed tax return folders to use throughout the upcoming tax season.

Misprinted Fracassi & Associates FolderBarbara Lange, an employee at Fracassi & Associates, was initially very pleased with the Company Folders products they received. But several months later, she discovered a problem. “I inspected the first few folders and they were done very well,” said Lange. “As I started using them throughout the tax season, I found a few crooked folders.”

Lange was disappointed to discover that on 23 of the 500 folders they had purchased, the name of the firm was foil stamped at an askew angle. This type of error isn’t common, but it can sometimes occur if the imprint equipment becomes misaligned with the folder stock.

Nevertheless, this was obviously a dilemma, since these presentation folders were meant to represent the firm’s precise attention to detail to their clients.

The Solution

Stacked Fracassi FolderLange wrote a letter to Company Folders explaining the situation. When we learned what had happened, we immediately worked to rectify the mistake. Not only did we replace the 23 misprints–we sent Fracassi & Associates a total of 100 newly printed folders.

“I was surprised that the owner called me back right away and sent new folders a few days later,” said Lange. “I received much more than what I asked for.”

We’re happy that we were able to ensure that our clients receive absolute quality with each and every product they purchase. Lange, in turn, expressed her gratitude to Company Folders for making amends, and told us “I would recommend CF to others.”

CF Staff
Author: CF Staff

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