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5 Custom Tax File Folders for an Orderly Office

For accountants and tax preparers, a small mistake can quickly become a huge headache and a possible IRS audit for their clients. Most accountants know that tax file folders help minimize the amount of small mistakes made. However, you may not realize that there are more options than just the standard design for tax folders. Breaking out of the typical mode is the best way to utilize these folders for the success of your business and your clients.

Tabbed Tax Folder

Tabs are essential on a tax folder because your clients will usually file it in a cabinet or drawer.

Different Folders Need Different Tabs

Chances are some of your bigger name clients have a great deal of tax information to sort through. Meanwhile, your long-term clients likely have several years of financial information to keep track of. Using multiple tabbed file folders allows you to keep everything together in one drawer or cabinet and easily access any information when you need it. With tabs in the right, center and left positions, you can create a staggered effect that makes it easier to work with multiple file folders.

Add Pockets for Practicality

Tax file folders seldom contain documents of only the same size and type. Adding a pocket to your file folder lets you have a spot for all of your client’s receipts, invoices, bills and other small documents so that they do not fall out of the folder. File folders can be outfitted with up to two pockets if you want to be absolutely sure that all of the folder’s contents are secure, or vertical pockets if you want to save on design space.

Portfolio Tax Folder

A portfolio folder keeps important tax documents secure and provides a unique aesthetic.

Secure Documents with Portfolio File Jackets

Your documents will stay right where you want them with a portfolio file jacket. Unlike other file folders that open up all the way like a book, these only have one opening in the top of the folder. The opening has a fold-over flap adding a greater degree of security. Portfolio folders are best when you need to travel to a client or send him files because you can be sure that nothing will be lost in transit. The portfolio style also provides a horizontal orientation, allowing you to have more room for wider graphics or copy.

Hold More with an Expansion Folder

When a client comes to you with boxes and boxes of records and receipts, you’ll find yourself reaching for an expansion folder. This type of file folder features an unglued expansion gusset that lets the folder grow as you add more files. Expansion tax file folders can still fit inside a cabinet while holding several years worth of files in one convenient package. This is also the perfect space for irregularly shaped documents and items that won’t fit in a traditional folder.

Reinforced Tax Folder

Add reinforcements to make your folder more sturdy and to give the interior an interesting look.

Add Reinforcements for Durability

At first inspection, you might not notice a difference between a file folder with reinforcements and one without. That’s because the reinforced area takes up only an inch of interior space, which is created by folding down and gluing part of the front cover. This not only allows the folder to stand up better against wear and tear, it also provides a subtle design element that can help you bring out the best of your folder’s interior motif.

Not every tax file folder type will work for every client. There’s no reason to use an expansion file folder if the client only has a few small files, and there’s no reason to use several file folders when an expansion folder would work better. However, if you know enough about your clients and their individual needs, you can always make the smartest purchasing decision for the both of you.

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