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5 Reasons Why the Best Lawyers Use Legal Folders

Unorganized Lawyer Without Legal Folders

Clients do not want to hire an unorganized lawyer.

Put yourself into your client’s shoes. If you had to hire a lawyer, would you hire the lawyer who uses legal folders to stay organized or the lawyer who is always fumbling around in his briefcase for papers?

It doesn’t matter if the messy lawyer never loses a case-the client is always going to feel more comfortable with the lawyer who has it all together. Clients associate a professional look with competency and legal folders will make you look professional. However, you can’t become a better lawyer on new folders alone– you have to know how to best utilize them too.

Stay Organized

Lawyer folders keep you organized so that your important legal documents are always immediately within your grasp. Neither you nor your clients can afford any oversights due to disorganization, so having an efficient system of organization should be a good lawyer’s first priority. A properly labeled filing system ensures that every document is quickly accessible when you need it.

Legal Folder Sample

A sample legal folder with business card slot for networking purposes.


A good lawyer has to know how to network to find new clients and business opportunities. Lawyer folders may not be able to find the clients for you, but they will provide you with everything you need to woo a client when you find one. A business card can only tell a potential client how to reach you. A legal folder has the capacity to hold much more information.

Make an Impression

When it comes to finding new clients, a professional looking legal folder can help you seal the deal. Most legal folders strive for a professional look by using embossing and foil effects instead of printing full-color pictures with traditional ink. Embossing stamps an image or text directly into the paper stock, creating a relief effect that you can feel. Foil adds a shiny metallic effect to your legal folders, which makes you look credible, established and trustworthy.

Lawyer with Legal Folder

Legal folders help you look more professional and intimidating.


When it comes to winning a legal battle against another lawyer, you have to use every tool at your disposal-including intimidation. Custom legal folders can make even the smallest firm look powerful and successful to the opposing side, especially if the other side doesn’t look as savvy in comparison. You need every advantage you can get when it comes time to meet in court.


Communication between a lawyer and client is crucial. Legal folders make sure that any important information you have for your client is neatly organized and easy for them to understand. A client’s folder might include a meeting agenda, documents to be signed or literature to be read. A prepared and informed client is a happy client.

Legal folders are just another tool that you have at your disposal to help you become a better lawyer. However, a tool is just an object unless it’s properly utilized. Lawyer folders won’t automatically make you a better lawyer unless you’re willing to put in the extra effort to improve yourself. It all begins with you.

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