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5 Dazzling Die Cut Designs for Presentation Folders

To design creative folders that are a cut above the competition, consider adding one of the many available die cut options. Die cutting is a process where a portion of the paper stock is cut away to create a visual effect that is also tactile. Since die cut options are completely customizable, the only limit is your imagination.

However, even the most imaginative of folder designers can use some inspiration every now and then. Check out the following examples of die cut presentation folder options for some creative ways to use this special feature to your advantage.

Die Cut Window Folder

An example of a die cut window folder


A die cut window provides a hole in your front cover that lets you see through to the contents of the folder. The most creative presentation folders with windows have something worth looking at behind the window to draw your focus. Die cut windows are like a fill-in-the-blank form that you can customize any way you like. Put the name of the folder’s recipient behind the window for an easy and inexpensive personalized effect.

Folder with curved corners

Folder with curved corners

Special Corners

Never again will you have to worry about poking your eye out on a sharp folder corner. Creative folders can be outfitted with rounded corners for a distinctive look. Better yet, you can have your folder die cut with a completely unique corner shape, allowing a corner to follow the outline of an image or create a bold visual statement.

Serpentine Die Cut Folder

An example of a die cut curved pocket design

Die Cut Openings

Traditional folders open just like a book, but who says that the front cover has to be the same shape as the back? Creative folders with serpentine-cut openings have a die cut cover shaped like a zigzag, creating a visual effect that shows off your company’s playful side. Add a die cut clasp or tab to make sure your documents stay nice and secure inside your folder. Die cut options give you a better degree of control over the look, size and shape of your front cover.

Folder with custom pockets

Folder with custom pockets

Pocket Designs

Creative folders extend their imaginative design to the interior of the folder as well. The pockets inside your presentation folder can be cut into any design you like to match your company’s identity. For example, a landscaping company might want to shape their pockets like a row of trees or a bed of flowers. Just like with your front cover, the pockets of your folder can also be adorned with a window to take a peek at what’s inside.

Curved Pocket Design

An example of a die cut curved pocket design

Creative Custom Options

When creating a custom folder design, feel free to let your imagination run wild. Most special requests can be accommodated for, within reason. Try a distinctive window shape that matches your company logo or mix and match different die cut effects for creative folders that are truly one-of-a-kind. If you can dream it, you can create it.

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