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4 Efficient CPA Presentation Folder Ideas

Being a successful CPA is about more than just being good with numbers–it’s about staying organized. If you’re not using CPA presentation folders, then chances are you either have photographic memory or you’re buried under a pile of documents.

However, tax return folders for accountants can do more than just keep your desk free from clutter– they can help you improve all aspects of your business to make you a lean, mean, number crunching machine. Consider the following ways that CPA presentation folders can help you become a better accountant.

CPA Presentation Folder

An example of a CPA Presentation Folder

Better Bookkeeping

Disorganization can prove to be fatal to the career of a CPA. Losing financial records often leads to loss of money and possibly even an IRS audit. Tax return folders for CPAs provide a safe place for all financial records so that they are easily accessible and always in the right place when you need them. Having the right tools for organization can go a long way towards keeping you in the habit of staying organized.

Impress Clients

Your clients want a CPA who is a thorough professional with an eye for detail. Using CPA presentation folders communicates this concept to your clients by making you look as professional as you work. As a CPA, you are your own brand, and the way you carry yourself will affect the way clients view your brand. CPA presentation folders help establish your brand identity by showing clients that you are an organized, proficient expert in your field.

Pocket Folder with Files

Add pockets or file dividers to your CPA presentation folder for extra organization.

Organizational Features

When creating a custom design for your CPA presentation folder, consider using special features to make the folder the best organizational tool possible. A simple tab on the outside of the folder makes it easier for you to find it in a filing cabinet. If you have a lot of information to store into one folder, try a design with multiple pockets or an expansion pocket to make sure it all fits. Provide digital copies of financial records alongside physical copies using a pocket folder with a flash drive slot. Add tab dividers to your accounting tax folders for a greater degree of organization inside the folder itself.

Keep Clients Organized

Having an organizational system keeps your business running smoothly, but what about your clients? Every CPA dreads the inevitable moment when a client presents them with a messy shoebox of receipts and a pile of unorganized financial records. Giving your clients an easy-to-use CPA presentation folder to keep all their pertinent information will help them stay better organized, allowing you to work efficiently and effectively.

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