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The 174 Coolest Brochure Designs for Creative Inspiration

The 174 Coolest Brochure Designs for Creative InspirationWe bet you five bucks that if you took a minute to look around your office or your home, you’d find a brochure of some type. Whether it’s a memento from an event or trip or even just the recipe booklet that came with your new blender, brochure designs are hiding everywhere.

There’s a reason why the brochure continues to endure in the age of digital marketing–because of creative designers who push the limits with great ideas and imaginative designs that make a lasting impression. We’ve gathered up a huge collection showcasing our favorite brochure design inspiration from different industries in the hopes that they will plant a few seeds of creativity.

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Corporate Brochures

Corporate identities can be a challenge to portray accurately, which makes the following brochure designs all the more impressive. Designing professional brochures for corporate clients means thinking outside the box and finding a way to sum up the brand’s mission through visual context in a way that attracts customers and clients.

Andrej Sevkovskij – Corporate Business Brochure

Andrej Sevkovskij - Corporate Business Brochure

Neue Corporate

Neue Corporate

Mark Williams Commerce

Mark Williams Commerce Brochure

Procter and Gamble

Procter and Gamble Brochure


RFV Brochure


Educational/School Brochures

Every high school guidance counselor has an office filled with brochures for potential colleges and universities. That’s because brochures are a great way to give someone a first look at a school or educational program. Educational brochures help give a sense of the program’s core values and demonstrate what the school is all about.

Division of Industrial Design

Division of Industrial Design Brochure


UNI:VERSE 2012 Brochure


Hungarian University of Fine Arts

Hungarian University of Fine Arts Brochure

University of the Arts London

University of the Arts London Brochure

We Speak Design (No longer available)

We Speak Design Brochure


Event Brochures

Brochures are often given away at events, providing attendees with maps, schedules and additional information on what the event is all about. They also double as souvenirs or keepsakes for the event itself, so they have to embody the spirit of the event in a way that will be memorable.

Glow Festival

Glow Festival Brochure

Museum of Contemporary Art Australia

Museum of Contemporary Art Australia Brochure


The Canada Council for the Arts (No longer available)

The Canada Council for the Arts Brochure

Electro Music Festival

Electro Music Festival Brochure

Forest Feast

Forest Feast Brochure


mediaPro Brochure

TWHP 2010 EPIC Awards (No longer available)

TWHP 2010 EPIC Awards Brochure

Vespa (No longer available)

Vespa Brochure


Food and Restaurant Brochures

You know those takeout menus that you have magnetized to your fridge or piled up in your junk drawer? What you might not realize is that those are essentially brochures. When it comes to designing for the food and restaurant industry, remember that recipients have the potential to hold on to a brochure for long periods of time. Your design has to be evergreen and represent the brand in a way that will still be accurate several years later.

Masala Darbar

Masala Darbar Brochure

Skinny Blonde Baker

Skinny Blonde Baker Brochure


Sandwich Factory

Sandwich Factory Brochure

Underground Cookery School

Underground Cookery School Brochure


Graphic Design Brochures

Brochures aren’t just something that designers create to help market their client’s brand-they also use them to market their own brand or to practice their design skills. In some cases, designers use brochures just to see how a particular design element will look in print-such as a new font. After all, the best way to get better at creating brochures is to develop a design idea for yourself to see what it’s like for your clients to do the same.


EMTGrafico Brochure


Foliomania Brochure


Bruno Maag (No longer available)

Bruno Maag Brochure

Computer to Plate

Computer to Plate Brochure

Design Futures

Design Futures Brochure

Pantone Brief

Pantone Brief Brochure

Vulture Labs

Vulture Labs Brochure


Health/Medical Brochures

Brochures are a good way to get health and medical information out to an audience-think about all the brochures you see in hospitals and doctor’s waiting rooms. Health and medical brochures focus on getting important information to the target audience, but the designs still leave room for some interesting visuals. Most medical brochures maintain a friendly and positive atmosphere to help audience feel at ease while they digest the serious material contained within.

Christopher Craft Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic Surgery Brochure Design

Healthcare Technology & Software Services

Healthcare Technology & Software Services Brochure

LifeSynch Capabilities

LifeSynch Capabilities Brochure



Ctrl+Alt+Shift Brochure

STRIVE Passport

STRIVE Passport Brochure

Weight Watchers 360 Program

Weight Watchers 360 Program Brochure

Wendy Gough Cancer Awareness Foundation

Wendy Gough Cancer Awareness Foundation Brochure


Industrial Brochures

Industrial brands like to utilize brochures to give a rundown of the services they provide or the products that they manufacture. Doing this in a creative way can be a challenge, because industrial processes are often difficult for a layperson to understand and lacking in visual interest. Industrial brochures help to demystify these processes by presenting information in a way that’s not only easy-to-digest, but also stylish and creative.

Energo-Holding Brochure

Energo-Holding Brochure

Fabriquem Emocions

Fabriquem Emocions Brochure



Picklog Brochure


ZIMAT Brochure


Nonprofit/Government Brochures

Nonprofit and government organizations rely on brochures to help get people motivated to donate their time, money or resources for the benefit of a good cause. Even if no profit is made, designers still have to create nonprofit brochures that call the audience to action and provide ample reasons why they should participate—much like you would for a company selling a product or service.

Singapore Central Narcotics Bureau

Singapore Central Narcotics Bureau Brochure

Zhanaozen Wind of Change

Zhanaozen Wind of Change Brochure


Global Cardboard Challenge

Global Cardboard Challenge Brochure

Terracotta Warriors Gala Guide

Terracotta Warriors Gala Guide Brochure

WildLife Brigade

WildLife Brigade Brochure


Product Brochures

Brochures are the perfect print collateral for showcasing products. Not only do they allow you to give the audience a lot of information on just one product, you can also use them as sort of mini-catalogues to list multiple products. These types of brochure designs often have to pull double duty, as they must be faithful to both the product and the brand’s overall identity.

Alliance Propane

Product & Services Brochure Design

Canon EOS 500D Brochure

Canon EOS 500D Brochure

Vertex Climbing Store

Vertex Climbing Store



99U Brochure


Artindia Brochure

Diesel SS12 Eyewear Collection

Diesel SS12 Eyewear Collection Brochure

Haworth Inc.

Haworth Inc. Brochure

TruForm Pools

TruForm Pools Brochure


Real Estate Brochures

Brochures are a handy tool for realtors, but there are a few limitations to the medium. Real estate brochures are best when they focus on the bigger picture. You’d never design a brochure for a single property listing, because most of them would go unused before the property was sold.

However, brochures are perfect for realtors selling properties as part of a commercial or residential development. Not only do brochures give potential buyers information about the property, but also a sense of the general atmosphere.

Lidel Homes

Custom Real Estate Brochure Design


Altus Brochure


Waterfront Brochure


Reynolda Village

Reynolda Village Brochure

Shoreditch Letting

Shoreditch Letting Brochure

SZ Developments

SZ Developments Brochure

Ville de Verviers (No longer available)

Ville de Verviers (City of Verviers) Brochure


Theater and Fine Art Brochures

It’s rare to go to a play, musical performance or museum and not come home with a program guide. Brochures for the fine arts often provide additional information on whatever art is being displayed, whether it’s made from traditional materials or performed on a stage. This helps give cultural and historical context to the art in a way that simply can’t be done during a performance or exhibit.

2/3/4 Arts Center

2/3/4 Arts Center Brochure

Museum Mile

Museum Mile Brochure


Centro de Artes

Centro de Artes Brochure

Homo (Sapiens)

Homo (Sapiens) Brochure

Travel and Hotel Brochures

Brochures and travel go together like peanut butter and jelly. From the moment you start planning your trip to the day you arrive at your accommodations, you can expect to acquire plenty of informational literature. Tourism brochures help to showcase places and events of interest, giving travelers a better sense of what an area is like. That’s absolutely vital when trying to convince someone to step outside their comfort zone.

The Allison Inn & Spa

The Allison Inn & Spa Brochure

Dawn Creative – Tourist Guide Brochure

Dawn Creative - Tourist Guide Brochure


Altis World Hotels

Altis World Hotels Brochure

Creative Spa

Creative Spa Brochure

Golden Ring

Golden Ring Brochure


Branded Brochures

Brochures make up just one small part of a brand’s overall marketing identity, but even that small part can have a big impact. The following brochure designs were created to showcase the brand itself-many of which were part of rebranding campaigns. Some of these designs were created as spec pieces for well-known brands, which has amazing value for designers. What better way to get comfortable using visuals to identify a brand than to practice on a brand that’s already well-known?

Do you think designing demo pieces for well known brands is worth the time, or should designers just stick to doing work they’re going to get paid for? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

Hermes Interior Design

Hermes Interior Design Brochure


Volkswagon Brochure



Artisan Brochure


Commissioning Brochure


Grund Brochure

Namaste Salon & Spa

Namaste Salon & Spa Brochure

Southern Colour

Southern Colour Brochure

Thimister Men+Women (No longer available)

Thimister Men+Women Brochure

United States Postal Service

United States Postal Service Brochure


Yahoo! Brochure


Miscellaneous Brochures

The rest of the brochures we’ve gathered to inspire you are sort of a mixed bag, but that doesn’t mean we like them any less. Here you will find some of the most creative ideas in brochure design. Unfettered by categorization, they defy definition and laugh in the face of tradition. In other words, we thought they were pretty neat.

Metrolina Association for The Blind

Company Services Brochure Design with Braille

Auto Driveaway

Vehicle Automotive Services Brochure.jpg

Joana Jesus – Who Am I?

Joana Jesus – Who Am I? Brochure

Key: Slovenia

Key: Slovenia Brochure



MSC Brochure

Segna Libiri

Segna Libiri Brochure

SMoCA southwestNET: Techno

SMoCA southwestNET: Techno Brochure

The Leighton

The Leighton Brochure

Xceed (No longer available)

Xceed Brochure



As demonstrated by the collection we’ve put together, you can see that there’s really no one way to make a brochure design. Even within the same industries, plenty of designs are wildly different from one another. There are few hard rules for creating a brochure, so long as it is an effective means of providing crucial information while maintaining brand consistency. Other than that, the sky’s the limit.

Now it’s your turn to share some design inspiration. Leave us a comment with your favorite brochure designs. If you’ve designed some cool brochures that you want to show off, that’s even better. Comment below and show us what you’re made of!

Vladimir Gendelman
Author: Vladimir Gendelman

As CEO of, Vladimir is a knowledgeable authority in print marketing and graphic design for businesses. With his team of designers and experts, he helps customers put forth the best possible impression with high-quality collateral. Learn more about Vladimir’s history and experience, and connect with him on Twitter.

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