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How to Create a Dynamic Project Binder

Has your company been putting off a big project because the logistics have left you with a headache? Use project binders to ease your suffering and make your next company project a successful one. Here are just a few considerations to include in the design of your binder to help achieve your goal efficiently and smoothly.

Custom Pocket Design

Add pockets to your project binder so that your team members can easily store materials, notes and other vital tidbits. Source: Coolibar

Include Practical Design Functions

A three-ring binder on its own is usually enough to hold all the information you need, but consider additional features that will help with its success. Interior pockets are a must so that team members can add applicable notes and documents that will help them better understand the project. Add the names of team members behind a die-cut window so that nobody ever mixes up their materials.

Design with the Project in Mind

The binders you use when taking on a company-wide project should be focused on functionality over good looks. You want something that’s professional looking and clearly defines the nature of your project. A company logo and the title of your project is all you need to create a functional design — however, there are times when you may want to include more visual components. For example, binders for a new product launch might include concept art of the product itself to encourage participants to work towards a common goal.

Index Tabs

Add index tabs to your project binder for a greater degree of organization.

Present Your Project in an Organized Way

Tabbed inserts are an excellent way to make your project binders more efficient and effective. Break down your project into different applicable sections such as meeting notes, timelines, budgets and research. Customize your dividers so that the information you want is always right at your fingertips. Creating multiple binders for different project teams is also recommended so that everyone understands what is expected of them in greater detail.

Inspiring Binder Design

Use positive design elements to inspire your team members to work hard on the project at hand.

Inspire Your Team

Your binders should be an encouraging and inspiring tool that gives your team the boost they need to succeed. Motivate your team members by breaking down the project into an easy-to-remember mission slogan and then incorporating that slogan into the interior design of your binder. Tabbed dividers and interior pockets are a great place to add an inspiring quote or a project mission statement — as team members approach a new task, they’ll receive the encouragement they need to move forward.

Store Binders in Slip Cases

The last thing you want is for your binders to end up tucked into storage, never to see the light of day. Putting them into slip cases allows them to sit upright on a desk or shelf so that they’re always readily available. A slip case also keeps the contents of the binder from falling out and provides protection from wear and tear, ensuring the binder lasts long after the project is complete.

Effective project binders can be a blessing as long as you insure everything you’ll need is tucked away inside. Fortunately, if you do find something is missing, you can always pop open the 3-ring binding and add new information whenever applicable.

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