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5 Awesome Design Ideas for a Custom CD/DVD Binder

When you think about it, a CD or DVD has a lot in common with a binder—both have colorful, attractive covers on the outside and a wealth of information on the inside. Combining these two resources lets you create an amazing multimedia presentation, especially when you use a CD/DVD binder. CD/DVD binders provide the best of both worlds by storing papers and electronic data.

With so much important info in one place, you have to create a binder design that’s worthy to contain it all. Browse our 70 styles of custom binders to find the one that’s right for your multimedia presentation.

Full Color Binder Design

Add color to your CD binder designs to make your design come alive.

Add Color

The best way to make your CD binders really pop out is to add a splash of color. You can use ink-printing options to get the color you desire, even if you’re using white stock. In fact, printing with color on white stock will actually create a bolder, truer color than using colored stocks. Printing options include full-color printing, which is recommended for designs that use many colors, and PMS printing, which uses fewer colors at once but creates a more vibrant color tone. Creative binder designs that use color tend to attract more attention than boring monochromatic designs.

Photos and Graphics

Add brightly colored photos and other graphics to your CD binder design for an added visual element that will let recipients know what to expect when they open it up. If you are selling a product or service that is easily photogenic, then you should lead with that front and center. If not, considers some other positive imagery that can be integrated into your design, such as pictures of happy customers and staff members.

You should take every opportunity you can to enhance your brand identity—even when designing your presentation binders with DVD holders. Incorporate your company logo into your custom design in order to build up awareness of your brand. Brand identity is about more than just logos—your binder design should also reflect your company’s color scheme, style aesthetic and mission statement.

Customized CD Pocket

A CD/DVD pocket provides extra design space for you to utilize.

Pocket and Slit Customization

The shape, style and location of your binder’s interior pockets are just a few ways that you can add more customization options to your design. You can opt for a disk-sized pocket for your CD or a disk-sized slit in a full-sized pocket. CD pockets let you add full-color photos or text, which makes it stand out visually when you open the binder. A CD slit lets you maximize your space by letting you have two-full sized pockets for storage or a full-sized pocket and a blank interior page to use for design purposes.

Customize the interior of your disk binder to include pictures, graphics, text or logo. Your interior doesn’t have to be overly graphical—you can use printing options to simply give the inside some color. Designing the interior of CD binders is easier than document binders because you have more interior design room to work with since CD pockets are small and CD slits can be incorporated into preexisting pockets.

Embossing and Foil Options

The embossing process prints a relief image directly into the stock of your CD binder, creating a visual effect that can be felt by touch. If you want your embossed image to stand out even further, consider adding foil stamping to the mix. Both effects are powerful when used on their own, but when working in tandem they produce a high-quality classy effect that begs to be touched.

Creative CD Pocket Binder

Get creative in your designs and don't be afraid to add a splash of color or some interesting visual elements.

Get Creative

The world’s most famous fashion designers didn’t make a name for themselves by playing it safe—sometimes you need to go big or go home. Consider the custom design options available to you and find new ways to think outside of the box. The best custom CD binders are imaginative and fun, while still portraying your company’s personality in a way that is appropriate and accurate.

This post is a part of our Binders 101 product guide.

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