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Case Study: Multiple Representatives Make Customer Service Seamless

Case Study: Multiple Representatives Make Customer Service Seamless

Company Overview

FREEVIPQUOTE Insurance has provided comprehensive insurance (including specialty and hard-to-place insurance) in Illinois and Wisconsin since 2009.


FREEVIPQUOTE Folder (Front and Back)4-Color Process Letter Size Two Pocket Folder, side 1 printed with four-color process on 14pt C1S White Semi-Gloss stock, coated with Aqueous Gloss and H4 business card slits on the left pocket.


Oscar G. Castillo, Independent Insurance Advisor at FREEVIPQUOTE Insurance, needed custom-printed presentation folders for customers’ insurance quotes matching his company’s style and brand.


Castillo purchased 250 presentation folders to complete his marketing packet.


“I have spent a lot of time working with various companies for custom work,” Castillo said. “Company Folders exceeded my expectations in every way.”

It was his first time working with Company Folders, which he said he found through an online search. He said he had been planning to order presentation folders for about 18 months.

During this time, he collected various samples from colleagues and other insurance providers. He also called Company Folders several months before placing the order to double check prices and get more information, which helped him make his decision to go forward.

Having purchased various personalized promotional products in the past through several companies, Castillo said he was nervous about ordering presentation folders.

“It is a stressful situation every time I go through that,” he said about ordering other promotional items.

Castillo chose the 4-Color Process Letter Size Two Pocket Folder. It’s printed with four-color process on side 1 of the 14pt C1S White Semi-Gloss stock and coated with Aqueous Gloss, with H4 business card slits on the left pocket.

He said the design and ordering process were simple with “very good quality checks.”

FREEVIPQUOTE Folder (Inside)It was during one of those quality checks that an issue with the business card slits was discovered.

“His fonts were missing, and there was a concern that the card slits were cutting into the QR code,” said Jennifer Grubb, Print Project Director. “We advised him to reduce the QR code a bit.”

Castillo said he was impressed Grubb would notice that.

“When I was going to place the order, Jennifer remembered I had rounded business cards and suggested horizontal slits,” he said. “…It was a little more detailed and had no extra cost. The fact that she would identify little tidbits like that to improve the end result was super.”

In addition to working with Grubb, Castillo also worked with two other members of the Print Project Team. He started the process with Grubb before she left for vacation and was able to finish it seamlessly despite her absence.

“I spoke with three different gals, Jennifer, Cheryl and Maire,” he said. “They were all on the same page and very much in sync. They were all very helpful and efficient.”

He said he was impressed with the consistent information Company Folders staff gave him when he called, regardless of with whom he spoke. It was this consistency that helped ease his fears about purchasing another custom-printed product, he said.

Oscar Castillo Quote

“Sometimes, things change along the way speaking with different people [at other companies],” Castillo said. “I do ask a lot of questions, and your information continued to be consistent from beginning to end.”

He said he plans to order from Company Folders again.

“I think the process is very well thought of,” he said. “There was great communication, a live, friendly voice every time I called in.”

Castillo wasn’t the only one impressed with his product, as he said his clients have given him compliments, saying “These are very professional looking, very nice!”

“The quality in workmanship, the construction is top-notch,” he said. “These folders complement my branded marketing material and are very professional.”

He said he’s already recommended Company Folders to two of his colleagues.

“I have folders from large insurance carries to general presentation and a majority are all very thin stock, and on some that aren’t, I wouldn’t say they are poorly made, but in comparison, there are some imperfections in the glue and folds,” Castillo said. “In my opinion, it is a detail I noticed and if I noticed it, someone else will notice. I didn’t see that at all in any of my folders.”

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