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99 Best Free Fonts for Print Design

99 Free Fonts That Are Perfect For Print DesignWhen designing print media collateral, a good font can grab the eye and captivate the audience—but the best fonts for print ads often require you to pay a licensing fee for use in commercial marketing. This can increase the cost of your print campaign and leave less money in the budget for special options like coatings, die cuts and embossed elements.

Fortunately, there are a bevy of free fonts for print design that are beautifully designed and don’t cost a dime to use commercially. Keep in mind: if you do use any of these fonts in your print marketing collateral, be sure to send the font to your printer along with your design files.

Bold Fonts

Bold fonts are thick, easy to read and eye-popping, which makes them some of the best fonts for print headlines, logos and other instances where you want large letters that the audience will notice. These types of fonts can range from authoritative and commanding to casual and fun.


Absender font

Alfa Slab

Alfa Slab font


Bevan font

Boris Black Bloxx

Boris Black Bloxx font


Carton font

Chunk Five

Chunk Five font


Cubano font


Headline font


Intro font


Molot font


Outage font


Conservative Fonts

Sometimes you need good fonts for print ads that won’t be too loud or too complex. Conservative fonts are best for those situations when you need something that looks attractive but isn’t going to overshadow the rest of your design or look out of place with your brand.

Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln font


Aleo font


ASAP font

Bebas Neue

Bebas Neue font

Bitstream Vera Serif

Bitstream Vera Serif font


Blanch font

Edmond Sans

Edmond Sans font


Marvel font

Maven Pro

Maven Pro font


Signika font


Stentiga font


Decorative Fonts

These fonts give your print design visual appeal and interest by providing an extra level of flourish to every letter. These are great fonts for headlines and logos in print ads—rarely would you see a decorative font used as body text. Remember that some of the finer details of these fonts may not imprint correctly when using foil stamping or embossing.


Atreyu font


College font


Console font


Dude font


Myra font


Ribbon font

Stiff Staff

Stiff Staff font


Sullivan font


Tetra font


Ultra font


Weston font


Elegant Fonts

Lavish and elegant typefaces are some of the best fonts for print when it comes to high-end businesses, or when you just want your design to have a touch of sophistication. They can range from fancy scripts to austere, modern sans serif typography.


Calligraffiti font

Caviar Dreams

Caviar Dreams font


Cylburn font

Dancing Script (No longer available)

Dancing Script font

Freebooter Script

Freebooter Script font


Gabrielle font

Great Vibes

Great Vibes font


Lavanderia font


Riesling font


Scriptina font


Vevey font


Fun Fonts

Every now and then, it’s nice to bring a sense of whimsy and amusement to your print designs. From graffiti script and thick geometric shapes to quirky curlicues and novelty effects, these fun fonts may not always be your first choice for professional designs, but they will provide you with a creative outlet for your more playful ideas.

Big Fish

Big Fish font

Bubblegum Sans

Bubblegum Sans font


Firecat font

Impact Label

Impact Label font


Londrina font


Lot font


Pacifico font

True Crimes

True Crimes font


Val font


Veggieburger font


Whoa! font


Modern Fonts

It’s always a good idea for your printed collateral to look current and up to date on the latest trends. Modern typefaces are some of the top fonts for print design and have a wide range of looks—from futuristic, digital fonts to stylized fonts that use the unique design aesthetics of today.


Age font


Blackout font


Gota font

Lobster (No longer available)

Lobster font


Portal font


Pricedown font


Prime font

The Rainmaker

The Rainmaker font

Spin Cycle

Spin Cycle font

Virgo 01

Virgo 01 font


Yukarimobile font


Retro Fonts

These fonts invoke a feeling of nostalgia, allowing your print collateral to resemble printed designs of the past. Retro fonts provide an emotional connection with your audience, creating a sort of visual shorthand that quickly reaches their brain and stirs up memories.


Airstream font


Aldine font


Coolvetica font


Duke font


Freshman font


Matchbook font


Minotaur font


Muncie font

Oil Can

Oil Can font


Ranger font


Rex font


San Serif Fonts

Sans serif fonts are some of the most versatile fonts for printing. Serifs can be difficult to successfully reproduce with embossing or foil stamping, while sans serif fonts can be used with any type of imprint method. The best sans serif fonts for print media are ideal for headlines, but can also be used as body text in a pinch.


Aldo font

Arvil Sans

Arvil Sans font


Economica font


Enigmatic font


Fairview font

Geo Sans Light

Geo Sans Light font


Govenor font


Hero font


Muro font


Sansation font

Source Sans Pro

Source Sans Pro font


Thin Fonts

Thin fonts have less visual weight, which make them a good choice for either body text or headings. These lighter fonts also create a unique sense of style, since they have a simple, airy delicateness to them. Keep in mind that thin fonts tend to work better with ink printing than with foil stamping or embossing.

District Thin

District Thin font

Idealist Sans

Idealist Sans font

Jenna Sue

Jenna Sue font


Lane font

Lemur Light

Lemur Light font

New Cicle

New Cicle font

Print Clearly

Print Clearly font

Time Burner

Time Burner font

Tulpen One

Tulpen One font


Valencia font

Walkway (No longer available)

Walkway font

Any particular fonts that strike your fancy? Do you know of other popular fonts that we may have missed? Please leave your thoughts and questions about the best fonts for print design in the comments below!

Vladimir Gendelman
Author: Vladimir Gendelman

As CEO of, Vladimir is a knowledgeable authority in print marketing and graphic design for businesses. With his team of designers and experts, he helps customers put forth the best possible impression with high-quality collateral. Learn more about Vladimir’s history and experience, and connect with him on Twitter.

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  1. Nice collection on fonts! I’m curious if you have any comparison of the fonts’ printer ink/toner consumption. That way one can optimize looks and print cost.

    • Not for these fonts specifically, but in general, thinner and more conservative fonts will use less ink. It usually won’t affect the cost of printing, but it is a slightly more eco-friendly option.

    • Times New Roman was developed specifically for less ink usage (as much as 1/3) and as boring as it might be, it’s still a great, readable choice for body text on materials intended to be printed. Most the the serif fonts have better readability than the thin sans serif ones when printed. Use your fun fonts for headlines and emphasis text or if purely meant for digital use, do what pleases you (with readability and emphasis of your message in mind).

      Have fun with your typography and thanks for putting the time in to make a great list!

  2. Can you tell me if these are all free commercial fonts?

    • Most of the fonts these sites provide are free for commercial use. The ones from FontSquirrel, for example, are 100% free. Some fonts, however, may have their own individual licenses (this information is usually included with the font download). If you’re unsure whether or not a font is available for commercial purposes, you may want to contact the website or designer that it came from.

  3. Thanks for sharing! Will be passing these onto our clients!

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