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83 Awesomely Abstract Photoshop Brushes

83 Awesomely Abstract Photoshop BrushesEvery now and then, you just need a little extra something to make your project pop. Not necessarily a major design component—just an extra ornament to bring visual interest to your design. Abstract Photoshop brushes are the perfect tool for giving your artwork an added “oomph” without drawing attention away from the main subject.

We’ve assembled 83 abstract brushes ranging from cosmic fractals to arcs of electric energy. Nearly all of these brushes are entirely free downloads, but a few in the mix have restrictions. Make sure you have any required permissions before using these brushes in commercial designs.

Fractal | Texture | Vector/Object | Smoke and Explosion | Curve and Spiral | Miscellaneous

Fractal Brushes

Fractals turn mathematic equations into works of art, creating funky designs that look good as backgrounds or special effects. They often provide a futuristic feeling of knowledge and exploration, making them the perfect addition to an industrial, technology or scientific design scheme.

Texture Brushes

Texture is a crucial design element, especially in print. But sometimes you don’t want to sort through thousands of pictures of stock textures to find the one that’s right for you. With Adobe Photoshop texture brushes, you can create your own textures from scratch or add a little visual contrast to your design whenever necessary.

Vector/Object Brushes

Abstract art often breaks down imagery into the very basics—lines and shapes—and rearranges them in an aesthetically pleasing way. These brushes for Photoshop give you the tools to create your own abstract art with simple images, both geometric and organic in nature.

Abstract Urban Brush Set (No longer available)

Abstract Urban Brush Set

Smoke and Explosion Brushes

Sometimes the most abstract shapes you’ll ever find come from nature itself—after all, how would you explain the shape of a plume of smoke or a crackling inferno? These smoke and explosion brushes add kinetic excitement to your designs, making them the perfect thing to have on hand when you want a little drama.

Melancholy: Abstract Explosion & Light Streak Brushes (No longer available)

Melancholy: Abstract Explosion & Light Streak Brushes

Real Smoke Brush Set (No longer available)

Real Smoke Brush Set

Curve and Spiral Brushes

Curls, doodles, spirals and lines help break up the monotony of any design space and help train the eye to follow a certain path. Best of all, they’re extremely versatile. You can sneak curve brushes into designs for any industry or brand—they never go out of style.

Miscellaneous Abstract Brushes

Abstract brushes don’t always fit into simple categories, simply because of how, well, abstract they are. Some abstract brushes truly defy definition. Here are some of the most creative (and undefinable) brushes available for Adobe Photoshop.

Abstract Brushes 1 (No longer available)

Abstract Brushes 1

Final Thoughts

Abstract Photoshop brushes can only do so much—they’re not intended to be the focal point of any print design. Think of them as a condiment, something to enhance the “flavor” of your artwork. In small doses, they can really bring out the best in your design or add that extra edge you’ve been looking for. Use them carelessly, and they might overpower the design and muddle the brand’s identity. The best way to learn how to use these brushes effectively is to get in there and start experimenting with them.

If you come up with something you like, bring it back here and share it with the rest of us. We want to see how you utilize these abstract brushes, so share your designs in the comments. Think there’s a brush that needs to go on the list? Leave us a link below.

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