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5 Stylish Ideas for Custom Binder Dividers and Tabs

Designing a custom binder without matching custom binder dividers is like making a peanut butter sandwich without jelly. Sure, you can technically have one without the other, but why would you ever bother? Without jelly, a peanut butter sandwich tastes somewhat dry and hard to swallow—which is exactly how your binder information will come across if you don’t have dividers and tabs to help break it up into easily digestible pieces.

Color Coordinated Mylar Tabs

Stay organized with color coordinated Mylar tabs and custom printed labels.

Organize With Color Coded System

The tabs on custom binder dividers make it easier for you to organize information in a logical way. Tabs provide recipients with a guide to reading your binder, letting them know where they can find particular bits of information and better breaking up said information into easily readable chunks.

Tabs are covered in Mylar coating, which comes in a variety of customizable colors completely free of charge. Use a tabbed color scheme for an even greater degree of organizational effectiveness. For instance, a realtor might list all of his houses behind red tabs and all of his condos behind blue tabs so that he can quickly find whatever a customer is searching for.

Divider Printing Options

There are a number of different printing options available to you that let you change the look of your custom binder dividers. Add text and pictures onto the dividers themselves using black-and-white or PMS printing options. Full-color designs are also available for an additional fee.

If you want your dividers to be a little more exciting than the white or ivory colored stock they are made from, have them printed in the color ink of your choice. Don’t know what to include on your custom divider? Try a table of contents, a summary of the tab’s contents or even just an interesting fact or quote to break up the monotony.

Tab Binder Dividers

Binder divider tabs can be printed with custom text for better organizational options.

Tab Printing Options

Custom printed binder tabs let you organize your information in whichever way best suits your needs. Tabs are printed with your custom text and then covered in colored Mylar coating. Tabs can say anything you want, as long is there is room to say it. Organize alphabetically, numerically, chronologically or even by subject.

Have text printed vertically to follow the shape of the tab, or horizontally so that there’s more room for everything you have to say. Text can also be printed using reverse color printing options, meaning that the tab is filled with a color while the text is left the color of the stock.

Reinforced Edges

All custom binder dividers come with a Mylar coating around the holes on the edges to reinforce them against tearing. Reinforced edges make it hard for the page to be torn away from the 3-ring binding. This Mylar coating is clear by default, but can be customized with a number of different color coatings to match any custom design. The Mylar coating is a standard feature of custom binder dividers, so there is no additional charge for adding some color and functionality to your binder.

Custom Tab Sizes

Whether you want a lot of tabs that stick out a great deal or few tabs that only stick out slightly, there’s a custom option that’s right for you. You can print anywhere from one to fifteen tabs per sheet and you have the option to decide how far they extend from the edge of the page. If you want big, noticeable tabs, try having them come a full 1/2″ off of the page. Or, if you prefer the subtle approach, try tabs that only come out 3/8″ from the edge.

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