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7 Custom Binders That Give Your Office an Advantage

It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there for small businesses, which is why your company should use whatever extra help it can get to make it to the head of the pack. Custom 3-ring binders provide that little extra advantage that separates your business from the competition by making it much more organized and efficient.

Binder With Pockets

Add pockets to your binder for greater storage capacity.

Pocket Binders

The best corporate materials include pockets inside for maximum storage and design aesthetics. These are great for any miscellaneous material that you want to store but can’t punch holes into. Two-pocket binders also give you extra interior design space to help increase the marketability of your design. You can also easily customize them with a business card slot or other die-cut design element.

Vertical Pocket

If you want the same practical results as a standard binder, but need the extra design room, consider a switch to vertical pocket binder instead of horizontal. Since this pocket goes up and down the inside of your binder, you can include a unique design element and ensure that the files you’re storing won’t cover it up. Since we read going down the page, a vertical pocket is a visual cue letting the eye know that the text you’ve added is particularly important.

Binder CD Pocket

Add a CD pocket to include digital media.

CD/DVD Pocket

Custom business binders with a CD pocket give you options for storing and distributing files. You can bind the hard files inside the binder while the digital files are burned to a disk and stored in the appropriate pocket. This gives you more opportunities to make an impression — for example, you can hand out notes on a business presentation alongside an audio copy of the presentation itself.


Consumers respond positively to companies who take the extra effort to promote environmentally sound business practices. Eco-friendly professional binders are just one of several ways that businesses can go the extra mile towards conservation efforts. These binders are typically made with recycled or renewable materials such as recycled paper, vinyl or leather and printed with non-toxic soy-based inks.

Die-Cut Window

For binders that look more like marketing collateral than office supplies, consider the addition of a die-cut window. A window allows you to easily customize materials with an employee or client’s name. The cut-out window in the front of the binder highlights whatever is on the front page, so personalization can be as easy as switching out one sheet of paper.

Binder Catalog

Create a product catalog using a custom binder with portfolio flap.

Portfolio Flap

If you want to show off your product in an effective way, try a portfolio flap binder. This type of binder is easy to transform into a sort of catalog by including information or samples of your products. This may be preferable to having a custom catalog printed because you can easily alter and change the contents to reflect your current inventory.

Reinforced Edge

Not only do reinforced edge binders have a long shelf life, they also provide a design choice that can be used to make an impact. Reinforced edges are usually printed in the same color as the exterior cover because they are folded down from the front to the inside and attached with glue. This prevents the edge of your binder from become worn down and weathered from frequent use, ensuring a longer-lasting professional look.

Each company is unique and as such, no two companies have the exact same needs. Your company will most likely find even more creative ways to use office binders to keep things running smoothly and efficiently.

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