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6 Tips for Creating Compelling Report Binders

You always strive to look your best when giving a business report-shouldn’t your report binders do the same? You have two options when designing presentation binders: you can either take the easy route, creating drab designs in the hopes of looking professional, or you can customize your binder so that it’s both classy and compelling. Opt for imagination and intrigue the next time you design a binder for business reports.

Visual Report Binder

Use a few bold visual elements to make an impact.

Use Enough Visuals to Stay Interesting

Your report binders need a little bit of visual stimulation to keep the interest of your audience, but not so much that they distract from the information inside. Add a splash of color when appropriate or a simple repeating pattern, coupled with your company logo. Try minimalist design elements to create imagery without the use of technology. Spice things up with a little embossing or foil stamping to enhance your visuals. Just because you have to keep it reigned in doesn’t mean you have to be boring.

Write Creative Copy

Making an impact with pictures is not always appropriate for the situation-but you can always write compelling copy to get your message across. Slogans and mission statements are good, but a catchy marketing hook is even better. Give your audience a reason to open the binder by enticing them on the front cover, something like “There’s a reason why Johnson Automotive is having its best year yet…” It leads them into the binder to see how that statement is finished, which is outlined in the contents of your report.

Interior Design Elements

Don't forget to design the inside of your binders to include graphic elements or additional information.

Don’t Forget the Interior

Making an impression with the cover is important, but don’t forget that your audience is going to be looking at the interior of the binder most of the time. Apply smart design principles to your interior so that it’s just as attractive and marketable as your exterior. Pair your report binders with custom-made tabbed inserts to help organize your report, and add visual elements to strengthen your points.

Boldly Represent Your Brand

Don’t be afraid to put your brand in the spotlight, even if that means going a little outside the box when designing your report binders. If your company is playful and creative, you’re doing it a disservice by sticking to plain, conservative designs. People respond positively to companies with a strong and clear identity, even if that identity is a bit non-traditional.

Report Binder with CD Sleeve

Add a CD sleeve to your report binder to include a wealth of digital information.

Design with Functionality in Mind

Consider what you’re going to need to give your report and make sure your binder design is equipped to meet those needs. If you have digital data to present, you need a CD or DVD sleeve in the interior of your binder. If you want your audience to contact you, include a business card slot on an interior pocket. If you have a need that isn’t met by the standard binder designs, consider having one customized to your specifications.

Not Every Add-On Works

Just because it’s a special add-on or feature doesn’t mean it will necessarily spell success for your report binders. A binder slip case looks great on a shelf, but for a report it’s cumbersome and puts your audience in an awkward position of having to find a place for it once they remove it from the binder. A portfolio flap is another add-on that can be distracting for your audience, since it closes with Velcro. Before committing to any design principals, consider how it will affect your ability to give a good report and go from there.

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