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The 6 Elements of an Eco-Friendly Binder

Whoever said that it’s not easy being green never realized how easily a business can cut back on waste by deciding to go green with their binders. In the United States, we use roughly 208 million tons of paper products and generate 31 million tons of plastic and vinyl waste a year. With eco friendly binders, your business can do its part to help reduce these numbers.

When you’re shopping for green binders, there are a number of factors that you need to consider to minimize your impact on the environment. Browse our 70+ custom 3-ring binders to see some of the eco-friendly options that are available.

Reusable Binder Design

Pick a standard design that can be used in all aspects of your business to make your eco friendly binders reusable.

Is it Reusable?

The best green binders are the ones that can be used more than once. Not only will you save the environment, you’ll save some money for your company by ordering one set of binders for multiple purposes. Try creating a general design that can be used in any aspect of your business. Add a window to the front so that you can reuse the same binder but change the information that’s being displayed. The more you can use a binder, the fewer raw materials your company uses.

Is it Made with Harsh Inks or Chemicals?

Recycled material is not enough to determine if your custom binders are eco friendly–what goes onto the folder can also be dangerous to the environment. Soy based inks and dyes are made from natural ingredients and are more bio-degradable. Try an embossed or die cut design instead of inks to create a picture from the paper instead of with ink. If you are ordering a green binder made with recycled paper, make sure the paper was treated using eco friendly practices instead of harsh bleaches and other nasty chemicals.

Eco Friendly Binder

Green binders are made from recycled materials and eco friendly inks.

Is it Recyclable?

Recyclable binders ensure that you don’t contribute to the waste problem by giving you an eco friendly option for disposal. When you are done using the binder, drop it off into any recycling bin that’s marked for the right material and it will soon be on its way to enjoying a new life as a green product. When recipients of your binder are given the option to recycle, they are more likely to mimic your eco friendly business habits.

Is it Made from Recycled Material?

rainforest deforestation

Reduce the deforestation of the rainforest by switching to green folders.

Custom binders made from recycled materials reduce the amount of waste in the world by turning it into professional looking presentation materials. Recycled paper binders are made from paper waste collected from recycling bins and the scraps left over from paper production processes. The paper is treated and stripped of dyes to create a fresh white piece of stock that is ready for your custom design. To be considered a green binder, it must be made from at least 50% recycled materials, so check the stock specifications before ordering.

If you want to use a non-paper binder and still go green, there are a number of materials to choose from. Binders made with poly material are a good substitute for paper as they can be made from recycled plastics. Poly material can also be biodegradable, which means that you won’t have to feel guilty throwing a poly binder away if your local recycling plant won’t take it. Consider a green binder made from recycled vinyl or leather as a last option. These binders are made with eco-friendly practices, but you may find it difficult to recycle the vinyl and leather materials unless there is a specialty plant near you.

Is it Made from Renewable Resources?

All paper is technically renewable since trees can be replanted, but it is much easier to replant trees on a tree farm than it is to re-grow the rainforests. Even eco binders have some percentage of virgin fiber mixed in for quality assurance–so make sure this percent of virgin fiber is harvested using sustainable practices like replanting and renewing. Leather is another renewable resource because it is an animal product made from cows; since cows can reproduce, the material can be easily replenished.

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