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Stormcloud Record Label Folder TemplateDownload Free Photoshop PSD

Stormcloud Record Label Folder Template (Front View)

Stormcloud Record Label Folder Template (Front Open View)

Stormcloud Record Label Folder Template (Inside View)

Stormcloud Record Label Folder Template (Front and Back View)

CF Staff

CF Staff
Graphic Designer - Company Folders, Inc.

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The vector graphics on the outside cover of this record label folder resemble dark clouds with sounds of thunder emanating from them, calling to mind the percussive sounds of music. The presentation folder is also printed to mimic the presence of an actual record inside, complete with a simulated circular “window” on the front cover.


Promotional materials created with this PSD template might contain records, receipts, catalogs, leaflets, invoices, or other documents relevant to a record company or music shop.

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