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DiaNoche Designs Pocket Folder

DiaNoche Designs Pocket Folder (Front View)

DiaNoche Designs Pocket Folder (Front Open View)

DiaNoche Designs Pocket Folder (Inside Flat View)

DiaNoche Designs Pocket Folder (Front and Back Flat View)

DiaNoche Designs Pocket Folder (Front and Back View)

DiaNoche Designs Pocket Folder (Back View)

About Design

DiaNoche Designs carries a variety of unique home products with an artistic edge, including colorful blankets, throw pillows, rugs, curtains, and much more. Their signature product is wall artwork lit from behind to create an illuminated conversation piece.


DiaNoche’s design is elegantly simple, with the company’s calligraphy-inspired logo stamped in pewter foil for a delicate and classy look. The black linen stock helps to create a sense of luxury, mystery and style.

© Design Copyright: Attribution, Non-Commercial and No Derivatives



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Print Specifications

Original 2 Pocket Presentation Folder
Original 2 Pocket Presentation Folder

Size Closed: 9" x 12"
Size Open: 18" x 12"
Print Method (Side 1): 1 Foil Area

Print Method (Side 2): Blank
Stock: 100lb Black Linen
Coatings: None
Slits: H1 Right Pocket

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