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Business Travel Documents Folder TemplateDownload Free Photoshop PSD

Business Travel Documents Folder Template (Front View)

Business Travel Documents Folder Template (Front Open View)

Business Travel Documents Folder Template (Front and Back View)

Business Travel Documents Folder Template (Inside View)

CF Staff

CF Staff
Graphic Designer - Company Folders, Inc.

About Design

The images displayed on both the exterior and interior of this design represent both personal and business-related travel, making it perfect for travel agents looking to show off their agility and versatility. It also includes a “compass” motif, making the folder’s purpose instantly recognizable without reading the text.


Collateral created with this template might contain plane, train or bus tickets as well as receipts, traveler’s checks or other important documents related to a client’s journey.

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Download Free Photoshop PSD

You have the rights to use this design as you please except for reselling or distributing it without permission. Enjoy!

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Need Project Advice?

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Print Specifications

4" x 9" 2 Pocket Presentation Folder

Size Closed: 4" x 9"
Size Open: 8" x 9"
Print Method (Side 1): Four Color Process

Print Method (Side 2): Blank

Additional Information:


Stock: Must be white stock, since the design includes white elements.


Coatings: You may choose any type of coating to apply to this design, including gloss, satin, matte, UV, soft-touch or lamination.


Slits: The die cut template includes multiple styles of business card slits that can be applied. When you open up the Photoshop (PSD) file, please remove any unwanted slit options.

Get Free Project Advice

Get Free Project Advice

We will help you find the best solution for your next print project.
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