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Folder Designers

Select a designer from the list below to view their folder designs and find contact information. If you’re interested in hiring Company Folders to design your presentation folder, see our Folder Design Services page for more info.

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Template Monster

Folder Designer - Template Monster

Most Recent Designs

Fast Food Corporate Presentation Folder (Front Open View) TrendBiz Modern Presentation Folder (Front Open View)

Nick Basham

Folder Designer - '.Nick Basham.'

Most Recent Designs

Tucker Brooks

Folder Designer - Tucker Brooks

Most Recent Designs

Orlando Magic Pocket Folder (Front and Back View)

Rade Stjepanovic

Folder Designer - Rade Stjepanovic

Most Recent Designs

Legends of Rock'n Roll Pocket Folder (Front View)

Rhonda Headley

Folder Designer - Rhonda Headley

Most Recent Designs

Allegra Marketing Presentation Folder (Front View)

Peter Noah

Folder Designer - Peter Noah

Most Recent Designs

New York Life Presentation Folder (Front View)

Josefina Bolano

Folder Designer - Josefina Bolano

Most Recent Designs

Abellon Law Firm Presentation Folder (Front and Back View)

BevShots MicroArt, LLC

Folder Designer - BevShots MicroArt, LLC

Most Recent Designs

BevShots Art Presentation Folder (Front View)

Antigoni Chryssanthopoulou

Folder Designer - Antigoni Chryssanthopoulou

Most Recent Designs

Cocoon Custom Die-Cut Presentation Folder (Front View 1)


Folder Designer - Identity

Most Recent Designs

Trott For Congress Presentation Folder (Front View)

Bob Ward

Folder Designer - Bob Ward

Most Recent Designs

Cool Presentation Folders for Gnomon School (Front View)

Mighty 8th Media

Folder Designer - Mighty 8th Media

Most Recent Designs

MR Systems Die-Cut Pocket Folder (Front View)

Ven Yong Law

Folder Designer - Ven Yong Law

Most Recent Designs

ADeX Engineering Corporate Folder (Front View)

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